Online Casino Payment Options in SA

There are several ways of making payments while playing at South Africa online casinos. Many online banking options are springing up day-by-day. This page has put together some information as regards making funding and withdrawing from your South Africa online casinos. Also in this pager, you will also be able to read reviews of various payment options providers.

Although payment options differ a little between South Africa betting sites, most of the sites accept various ranges of payment options mainly in South Africa currency Rands (ZAR).

Online Casino Gaming Experience

At, we are dedicated to making sure we provide you with top-quality South Africa casino reviews, and to provide you with the best possible advice, which includes payment methods.
Whether you’re an experienced or casual casino player, it’s quite important to know your casino deposit options since they are not all the same. Even if you have found the best online casino in the world if you can’t deposit money into it, what’s the use?

Expert reviewers across the globe will always tell you that the best casinos are those that provide the widest payment options. Luckily for you, we have made a list of the most trustworthy payment methods available in South Africa.

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Currency at South African online casinos

It is convenient for a SA online casino player to pay and play in Rand. Modern technology and online payment systems are making the borders between currencies blurry, but still, it is always good if an online casino handles Rand and ZAR.

Africacasinos/za has helped you compile a list of best online casino in South African Online Casino that accepts Rand. We consider these listed casinos to be a safe and reputable places to gamble. We have researched in-depth these South African casinos and each of them has been individually reviews. Additionally, we have listed their bonuses, currencies, and mode of payments in order to ease references.

Converting a foreign currency to Rand is today very easy. You lose some money in the exchange, why we always look for ZAR casinos to play, but it is getting easier and easier to make such conversions. Often the online casino itself does it to fairly low costs.

Cash In and Out

The cashier section happens to be one of the most essential features of any online casino. Just as you have it in all the land-based casinos, the cashier section is where you are handed a list of deposit options so as to fund your online betting account and begin playing the game with real cash. The best casino cashier sections are crystal clear in instructing bettors on how to fund their betting accounts and are quite explicit in their range of options regarding banking. Their primary aim is to facilitate bettors in funding their accounts, so they can begin to enjoy the game and win real money.

The best South Africa casinos featured on Africa casinos offer various banking options that allow the use of wire transfers utilizing a specific credit card or e-accounts funding options. Africa casinos, however, recommend that every bettor read very carefully about these banking or payment options before they start playing the game. With this in mind, the player will easily make a switch from playing for fun to playing for real money at any point in time. Also, it is essential to read up the banking section in case you want to withdraw your deposits.

Having funded your account through these alternate banking methods to an electronic method, SA casino players can rest their minds that their cash is safe. Once the cashier section is fully sorted, and account well funded, players can start with real cash.

Money handling at online casinos

Players visiting Africa Casinos to check out the SA best new online casino banking options are sure to find what they seek.

Our reviewers have carefully reviewed only the top casinos in South Africa which take banking and payment very seriously, and offer variety and extremely safe options when it comes to the safety of their players’ cash. Bank on the banking options here, you won’t regret you did. It will also interest you to know that no risks whatsoever are involved in the banking stage of the casino game – just security.

Making deposits and withdrawals at South African casinos

Credit card is one of the popular deposit methods in South Africa. A credit cardholder can use it at a South Africa online casino, it’s a great option. The deposit can be done even before you get your statement, making it possible for you to fund your online account at any period of the month. E-Wallet platforms and Skrill are fantastic options that can be used if you want to make sure you have the cash to spend before actually spending it. It is however important you decide the amount you wish to pay into your account and then go ahead and deposit! Ensure to check carefully which deposit methods attract a bonus on your preferred South Africa casino site. Lots of South Africa casinos offer amazing bonuses.

You can withdraw your winnings from your online casino account through the same deposit method you used. E-wallet platforms and credit cards can be used for withdrawal from your online casino account, but there is always a little delay in the money coming from the operators of the casino. It takes about 24 hours or sometimes 3 working days.

Withdrawal Options

Casinos we recommend to you here offer convenient and safe withdrawal options, especially when it has to do with bank transfers and credit cards. It’s advisable to use the same method that you funded your account with to make a withdrawal, as your bank details are stored in the database of the system already, as this will make sure your withdrawal is as fast as possible.

Once again, casino withdrawals are not as quick as it was when you deposited, because the casino needs time to process your withdrawal request, as well as the bank. Processing times differ with payment options, and to know how long you have to wait to have your money, simply check carefully the withdrawal page on the website of your favourite online casino.

Most times, South Africa casinos require bettors to provide them with any means of identification, which in most cases is a copy of your driver’s license or passport. In addition, they request a proof of address which normally comes in the form of bank statements or utility bill. For credit card holders, you might be asked for a copy of your recent credit card statement.

This verification level is done mainly for security reasons. South African casinos maintain a high level of safety and security for payment and personal payment information of their players. All the requested documents can easily be scanned and faxed or e-mailed to the casino directly. This verification only happens ones for each casino.

Review of South African Payment Options

If you visit the right South Africa online casino, you will see that payment options vary. To enjoy the best possible gaming experience online, it’s important to understand all the banking options available.

As a player who wants to play with real money at any reliable online casino, you must find the right and appropriate way to fund your account. The good news is that there are several payment options that you can choose from.

To avoid cybercrime, online casinos in South Africa have made adequate provisions by properly implementing numerous banking options, all coming with adequate safety and security, that permits players to fund their accounts at their convenience and play the games they love with no fear or hassle.

As we will go into detail in below, some financial solutions available for South African players include bank credit or debit cards to fund account, use of third-party platforms like e-wallet, various EFT systems, and wire transfer. In addition, these casinos have made provisions for South Africans to withdraw their winnings by following simple steps that see their online casino money accessible for withdrawal in their bank account.

The 3rd party financial institutions permit players to pay money into them and then deposit and cash out cheaply and fast from various websites and customers can have their online betting account in the favoured currency they mostly bet with. Some of the e-wallet market leaders are Skrill and Neteller. Debit cards issued by commercial banks, including MasterCard and Visa, are also generally accepted by most South African betting sites, although withdrawals cannot be processed on MasterCard, as you will have to as your bank for bank transfer or cheques.

Available payment methods at online casinos in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most developed countries in Africa and also a place where there innovation and tech is evolving. Therefore, it is not surprising that they also have a lot of various payment methods. All from the traditional cards to advanced online payment options. Here we will look into the various payment methods available at the South African online gambling market.

Bank Transfer

A fantastic way to reliably fund and withdraw reliably and comfortably from your South African online account is through direct Bank Transfer. You can fund your South Africa online casino account the same way you transfer money between bank accounts. This deposit method is an extremely secure and effective payment solution online.

One thing you should keep at the back of your mind while using the bank transfer deposit method to fund your favourite casino is that your money may not arrive immediately. Sometimes, it takes up to three working days for the money to be cleared and visible in your online casino account, this direct transfer method is indeed for players who are not in a hurry but want a highly reliable means of funding the account.

MasterCard & Visa Credit Cards Payment option

Another safe and reliable method of funding your online casino account is the MasterCard and Visa credit card payment option. The use of any of these credits cards is, without doubt, the most reliable method of funding your online casino account and both MasterCard and Visa are renowned for their high-security level. The majority of South Africa online casinos accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards on their sites.

One interesting thing about funding your account with these credit cards is the fast processing time it takes for each transaction as well as the high limits on deposit that you are permitted. Funding your online casino account MasterCard & Visa card is quite easy and that tell exactly why the two cards have become a household name in South Africa when it comes to online payment method.

Wire Transfer Payment option

This type of transfer is a little different from the Bank Transfer we explained earlier this payment method is also known as SWIFT transfer. Sending money through Wire Transfer, the user must first initiate the transfer request for this specific type of fund payment with the user’s bank. Basically, a Wire Transfer sends money directly from your account to recipients online casino account.
Fund deposit and withdraw is very effective with Wire Transfer and very easy to utilize, including the fact that it is quick. As an active South African account holder, this method is an ideal payment solution for you, most especially if you don’t want to use a faster debit or credit card method as well as eWallets like Skrill or NETELLER.

Skrill payment option

This method is undoubtedly the most popular eWallet around the globe and it is accepted at almost all online casinos in South Africa. This safe eWallet option allows players to fund their favourite South African online casino, including the fact that it permits players to cash out their winnings. Funding of accounts are processed immediately and withdrawals sometimes take 2 working days.

Funding your account with Skrill eWallet or withdrawing with the same eWallet is quite easy. Simply register with the eWallet solution to make use of their transfer facilities and then fund the Skrill account to be able to send the money to your favoured online casino account. Topping up of your skrill online account can be done in several ways.


This eWallet solution is as well a reliable third-party payment solution for players in South Africa. Neteller is a safe payment option that permits you to fund your online casino account and it also permits players to cash out their winnings. This payment option processes money deposits instantly and withdrawals also take like 2 days. It is highly safe.

Registration is absolutely free at NETELLER and topping up is also easy. Different methods can be used to top up your NETELLER Wallet account and money transfer can start instantly to your casino. This method is accepted at almost all South African online casino and deposit & withdrawal are quite easy.


SID is a payment method, specially created for South Africans in 2007 to have a full understanding of what makes a payment method work pretty fine for South African bettors. To make use of this banking method, simply sign up for a new account, which happens to be a quick and hassle-free process. Visit the payment section and select SID as your payment method. On a final note, you will select your bank account, then you’ll be alerted to log into your online account and your bank will afterwards approve your payment. SID payment method is a safe transfer method, and all your personal information kept absolutely confidential from the casino. SID is like other payment methods easy to use and assists you properly spend your money because you are making use of the money in your account.

Domestic Bank Transfer

This method works together with your South African bank by selecting a bank transfer to make deposits into your online casino account. Players can opt to seal payment from your local South African bank by directing the cashier to move the money straight to the casino. The structure of the bank’s fee will determine the fees that you are charged.

About Rand

The South African Rand is the official currency of South Africa, and the symbol is ( ZAR). It is simply known as Rands. The South Africa legal tender is subdivided into 100 cents.

Online casino payments summary

Unfortunately, South African players cannot use PayPal in SA online casinos through specific financial institutions. PayPal does not support real cash transactions for web-based casinos, so not only is SA is it not available for players but for a number of casinos around the globe, except the ones in the United Kingdom.

Aside from PayPal, South African casinos provide fast and easy monetary depositing solution for players as well as a stress-free transfer experience.

South African players appreciate that SA casinos accept the local South African currency – Rands. Deposits and withdrawals can be made in Rand and players can select from any of the payment methods listed above.

Get your online casino-funded easily, conveniently and safely today and start winning!