South African Betting Sites 2021

If you want to find the new betting sites in South Africa 2021 you have come to the right place! We at we list the best betting sites that players can find in South Africa in the year 2021. Join us in getting the most out of your betting – regardless if you are a high roller or complete newbie.

More and more betting sites are popping up in South Africa and as the number grows, so does the competition. And 2021 has started no is no different. The increase of new betting sites 2021 is rapid! That is why you can find some crazy good betting bonuses when signing on to new 2021 betting sites online in South Africa.

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SA sports betting 2021

Each of the country’s provinces has a board regulating gambling and racing. To provide an online wagering service must be lawfully licensed by one of these provincial boards. In 2021 the largest and most renowned provider of online betting licenses in the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. Residents of South Africa can legally use these internet based betting sites in 2021. And, after a change of laws a few years back, no tax is charged to recreational betting. Therefore no tax is due when betting online 2021. Also, in 2021 winnings on recreational betting are not labelled as income for tax purposes. Do you see? SA betting sites are the place to be in 2021!

The South Africa Gambling Law forbids both providing land and online-based wagering. This Act applies to all operators of online betting sites, notwithstanding where it was licensed. No doubt, online horse racing and sports betting are extremely lawful in South Africa 2021, provided operator holds the necessary license from any of South Africa provinces or operating a properly licensed website. At we guide you to the best betting sites in 2021!

List of Betting Companies in South Africa

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Betting Sites in South Africa 2021

The country has now adopted a relaxed approach to internet-based sports betting while restricting other forms of wagering in South Africa. South Africa, with a population of 53 million people has over the years suffered from notorious apartheid which was abolished in the year 1990. Since that time, the country has developed a whole new multiculturalism identity, with a total of 11 languages spoken. The country’s official currency is the rand.

In this section, we will examine the most popular form of gambling in South Africa, which is sports betting. At SA betting sites 2021 millions of South Africans are playing daily. Here we will look into the betting products and the growth of SA sports betting. One thing can be concluded even before we start – betting in SA in 2021 is bigger than ever and today all can enjoy betting online.

betting sites south africa

SA Popular Betting Products in 2021

The number of bettors in South Africa is also fast-rising, and there are a lot of popular betting markets for fans to select from.

The most popular game in South Africa by the local population is the national lottery – latest research revealed that over 80% of the entire population purchases a ticket weekly. But sports betting on online betting sites are increasing and are growing faster in 2021 than ever before.

Most popular sports to gamble on in South Africa is football and rugby. Tennis, golf and motorsports are slowly getting more popular. Golf is also building momentum throughout South Africa. Other famous domestic betting markets in SA include Jukskei, although the Afrikaan sport is yet to break into mainstream betting sites.

Where to Find the Best Sports Betting South Africa?

A popular question from our visitors is where to find the best sports betting sites in South Africa 2021. To be honest the best answer to that question is here at Africasinos South Africa. We have many years of experience in the industry. Before we recommend any sportsbook we make sure to test the site throughout. Both on the desktop and on mobile. We check that the betting bonus is good, that registration is fast and convenient. Most important is however the security. There are some betting sites that we refuse the list because of doubts in long-term stability.

How to Win at Sports Betting?

To win at sports betting is a game of luck and skill. There are many different ways and strategies to become a winner. Here are three expert tips that could help you improve in winning.

  1. Play on sports that you are passionate about. By only playing on sports that you enjoying watching and read about you will quickly get a competitive advantage.
  2. Test Live Betting. It is maybe your thing. The odds and live betting can sometimes be very advantageous. The odds are not calculated in the same way as odds before the games and therefor you can sometimes find really beneficial odds.
  3. Follow teams on social media to find the latest information. If you follow the teams that you intend to bet on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you might get information faster than others. Remember that information is power and power in money. With the right information, for example, if someone is injured you can get great odds at winning.

Online Betting South Africa 2021

SA has taken a rather mixed proposition to online betting. The bigger betting industry, like poker, bingo and casinos were made illegal in the Gambling Law of 2004. This comprises both the allocation of games and the engagement in them. The law was however re-enforced in the year 2010 when a judgment by the High Court opted that games offered by betting operators based outside the country were also pronounced illegal.

The great news for fans of sports betting in South Africa is that online sports betting and horse racing is not a part of this ban and why sports betting is legal in 2021. Meaning you can select from a couple of local or international operators if you desire to punt online and it is all legal. And there are many international betting sites in SA offering sports betting in 2021.

South African Sports Betting 2021 and beyond

There is legislation that is currently being proposed to the Parliament that would somewhat amend the gambling legal landscape in South Africa. While the proposed amendment does not affect internet-based sports betting directly at the moment, that activity is still legal, it has a major impact on which operators are permitted to advertise, as many offshore betting sites have key interests in poker and casino. As the Act gets through various legal levels and stages there may be key changes to the internet-based landscape in the country which may affect internet based betting sites. Presently this looks very unlikely and a way off, meaning the South Africa online sports betting industry is absolutely free to rise and completely legal.

In 2021 betting sites in SA has become a natural part of the weekend fun and we expect it to play a dominant position going forward.

✅ What are new betting sites?

New betting sites are simply online gambling companies that have recently been launched or that have recently included sports betting in their offering. Many players in South Africa are looking for new betting sites and you will find a complete guide with us at

✅ Can you get a bonus on new betting sites in 2021?

Yes, it is a fact that most new betting sites in South Africa 2021, offer new players a bonus just for attracting customers and for you to try their product. Check out all about bonuses here.

✅ Is it safe to bet on new betting sites?

Yes, on the whole, it is safe. All new betting sites in South Africa must have a SA gaming license and follow certain rules and conditions in order to offer games in South Africa. At we only recommend safe gaming companies.

✅ What is important to consider when choosing a betting site?

You should always choose a reliable gaming company. All betting sites we list meet that criterion. Then it is up to everyone, depending on personal preference, to make their choice. In our ranking, we prefer betting sites that offer good odds, are easy to use and have all up-to-date payment methods. And, of course, a good bonus!

✅ Which is the best betting site for beginners?

The best beginner betting sites 2021 are those who are clear in their design and easy to understand. It is a great advantage if it is easy to navigate and find the matches you want to bet on. Often the most important thing is not having the absolute best and highest odds, but rather to get a good platform to place bets.