Women in Sports Nigeria

Not a long time ago there was the international women day. We think that women in sports Nigeria should get more celebrated. Of course, it has to be put into the circumstances that so far male athletes are bringing more spectators and more sponsor money. But could it be that we are slowly seeing a change? Check out this article to find how who is our most successful female athletes in Nigeria. You will also find useful information on what it takes for women to be more acknowledges in sports in Nigeria.

Famous Nigerian Athletes

The first medals were won as late at 1992 at the Olympics in Barcelona. It was at 100 m x 4 so it actually brought in 4 medals. It was celebrated as it was a gold medal.

Four years later it was time again Chioma Ajunwa won a gold medal as the first black African women in an individual OS field event. It was in the long jump and it was 7.12m. Nigeria also won a silver medal in 400 m x 4 as well as Bronze in 200 m.  In this Olympics in Atlanta, all the medals for Nigeria were accomplished by Nigerian women.

Another four years later in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney the popular Glory Alozie came in second place in hurdles and won a silver medal.

The OS in 2004 was not a successful year for the Nigerian women athletes but in 2008 in Beijing again the women accomplished to get a silver medal in 100 m x 4 as well as a silver medal in long jump.

What to do to increase the awareness

What can we do to increase the awareness for female athletes in Nigeria and women in sports in general? One thing that is the first step is for the athletes themselves to make the sport more fun to watch. Make interviews, talk, open up yourself to the people. Become popular so in that way you are able to have many people that cheer for you and to get sponsors. To become a role model for other athletes there should be plenty of opportunities for athletes to get sponsorships. Especially now when there are many online casinos in Nigeria there are even more possibilities.

But it could also be a good idea to talk to the national sports committee. They have some money that they can sponsor athletes with. The Nigeria Olympic Committee can be found at nigerianoc.org. Hope you learned something from this article and do not forget to appreciate your women in sports Nigeria. They are doing a fantastic job representing our country and putting it on the map for other nations to learn about Nigeria.