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Naijabet online betting – A classic looking site with a modern game range

Naijabet Nigeria is one of the most popular betting sites among Nigerians. It is also one of the sites that been around for the longest amount of time. This might show a bit, especially if you decide to play on the Naijabet old mobile website. However, if you go visit the new version, there sure are some more up-to-date features.

When it comes to sports betting of different kinds, this surely is one of the absolute best brands to choose. You will found a great range of different sports to bet at. And, for every sport there are plenty of different games, matches, tournaments to choose from. Just the way we want a Nigerian betting site to be in 2019. In this Naijabet reviews, we will go through a lot of different parts of this site, from how to make a registration and login and more about deposits, bonus, betting predictions and much more. Please continue reading our Naijabet ng review. If you want to start your betting now, you don’t even need a Naijabet bonus code, just click the button above and you will easily get redirected to their website.

we recommend trying to make your bets on the website without using the Naijabet app

How to play Naijabet Online?

First of all, we want you to get a bit acquainted with this betting site. Even though it has a bit old look, it surely is very user-friendly. The site is built in darker colours along with some red and green contrast colours. Among the different betting sites in Nigeria Najiabet stands out with these colours and you will immediately recognise this site once you enter it. In the top menu, you get to choose by the different categories on this website and also have a deeper look into the promotions and unique ways of betting that you are to Naijabet website. Something you are able to read more about further down in this review.

On your left, you have all the different sports listed for you in a very convenient and user-friendly way. Among the different sports, you get to find golf, tennis, American football, horse sports and much much more. However, the absolute largest section at this site is football.

All the sports and other you can play on:

  • Soccer
  • Politics
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Am. Football
  • Darts
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • Snooker
  • Baseball
  • Aussie Rules
  • Rugby
  • Waterpolo
  • Golf
  • Boxing / UFC
  • Auto racing
  • Cycling
  • Formula 1
  • Motor Sports
  • Netball
  • Chess
  • Entertainment

naijabet online new version website

Football betting

Since basically all of us in Nigeria love football, you can be certain of being able to bet on this sport. There are all the different football leagues and tournaments waiting for you. Premier League, La Liga, Serie A as well as Champions League, World Cup and all the other ones. If there is a football game you want to bet on, this site most probably got it. And, what’s more is the new nice live betting possibilities. Sometimes, a free bet is offered here for players to really get a nice first meeting with this betting site.

Some more of the different leagues and tournaments you will be able to make Naijabet football betting on:

  • AFC Champions League
  • Africa Cup of Nations
  • Copa del Ray

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Naijabet Prediction

Are you looking for the best Naijabet betting predictions? By visiting their website, you are always able to see the different odds. However, a better way to find predictions for Naijabet games is by looking into different prediction sites. Ours being one. In our news section, you will get our betting predictions for the most popular games right now. Thereafter, compare the different odds at all our betting sites to get the absolut best edge against the sites.

Starting with the Naijabet sign up and registration

If this happens to be your first encounter with this website, you need to register an account. In the top right corner, you can easily find the button to sign up. To start your Naijabet registration, make sure to have your name, address and telephone number in order. Once this is set, you are able to go on with your Naijabet sign up. Once you have your registration ready, have a look in the top right corner once again. Next to the sign-up, you have the Naijabet login button.

How to deposit on Naijabet online?

Deposits are a big variable between different sites due to which different payment options the site at hand offers. Which is the best way of making a Naijabet deposit is a very subjective matter, why we believe you should check out the different options and choose the one that suits you the most. But, we know that using a credit card, such as VISA and MasterCard is a good option for many players. The nice thing is that there are even more ways of making a deposit at naijabet online compared to if you go to a Naijabet agent. However, there will always be a bit tricky to make a cash deposit on Naijabet online.

Naijabet mobile website – Old version vs New Version

Many players are looking for the naijabet old mobile version, as well as the new version. What need to be said about these different versions are that there isn’t a lot. Some other sites have made huge animation and graphics changes in the last time, why it is hard to gamble on their new versions on some connections. But this site, even the new version, is very slimmed and you really can’t see a lot of difference. This might be a bit boring for players that are looking for a new and futuristic look. But as long as the game range is good, we believe that this brand will appeal to a lot of players.

naijabet mobile site old mobile website

Differences with Naijabet mobile site compared to the computer version

In many ways, we at prefer to gamble on the mobile version. And this is not only when it comes to this specific brand. Most of the gambling sites work even better on the mobile or tablet. Navigation is usually even easier on a mobile device as well, compared to on the laptop. In the top of the mobile site, you will easily find the sign up or registration, as well as the log in button. From here, in the top right corner, you’ll find the main menu. From here you are able to find all the different sections on the mobile Naijabet website. And the navigation for this brand works in just the same way between the old mobile site as well as the Naijabet new version.

Is there a Naijabet App to use?

Quick and simple answer – yes and no. There is no app for mobile Naijabet at the moment, when it comes to iPhone. For Android, you are able to find the app at the bottom part of the page. However, we recommend trying to make your bets on the website without using the Naijabet app. Basically, because the website version works as good as it does, is our guess. A couple of years ago, many betting sites used an app for their customers to use. This resulted in a lot of upgrade issues, with players not able to upgrade their app to be able to make bets etcetera. The evolution among website building has gone really fast and the responsive mobile website designs make it even better now.

Earlier, we saw a lot of sites looking exactly the same in the cell phone as they did on the laptop, which wasn’t really user-friendly at all. But, along with the dev elopement of better smartphones, we now have the sites that are responsive to the size of the screens of the mobile phones.

Naijabet Bonus code

As mentioned on top of this page, no bonus code is needed to be able to take part of the main registration bonus for new players. Usually this is one of the best bonus promotions you are able to take advantage of as a player on a site. The registration bonus, or welcome bonus as it’s also know as, changes from time to time. You might be able to snatch a Naijabet free bet bonus or something similar. As soon a we hear about a new bonus code for Naijabet, we will write about this in our news sections as well as email it to our subscribers. From time to time, we get unique bonus codes for certain sites, why we think it always might be a good idea to follow our news as well as subscribe to our newsletter.

Other bonus promotions

Even though the different bonuses changes from time to time, some are quite static. We think that most of the different promotions on Naijabet ng will appeal to you. Cause, that’s why they are there, to attract players, right? However, if you keep your eyes open and play your cards rights, there will for sure be some good ones to take advantage of.

Below we list some of our favourite Naijabet bonus offers:

  • Consistent deposit bonus roll-out
  • Zero transaction costs
  • No bonus recycling

The Naijabet Casino

At the moment, the online casino of this site is not as well developed as the betting part. However, you get to find the Naijabet online casino if you want to play some slots and some other games. At the moment there aren’t that many games but we know that this is a growing market so we are quite certain that this will grow in the future. Click the “Slots” section on the website to see all the different games you are able to take part in at Naijabet casino online right now.

Below we are listing some of the slots from Novomatic that you are able to play:

  • Columbus
  • Book of Ra
  • Katana
  • Polar Fox

naijabet nigeria

Customer Care

Even though this site in general runs quite smoothly, from time to time you run into some issues. If you have any questions, you can all the time use the Naijabet customer care and ask them for help. At the Nigerian Naijabet, there are a couple of different ways to get in contact with the customer care, listed below:

  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Phone: 0706 343 7475 or 0818 5800 374
  • Contact form at

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Final Words about this betting site and online casino

If you are looking for one of the classic betting sites and online casinos that offer exactly what you want, this is a really good choice. It might not have the most modern looks and graphics, something that some players are looking for. But, what it lacks in looks, it takes advantage of in speed. This surely is one of the fastest websites and you don’t need a good connection to be able to make bets at Naijabet. Click below to go to their website right now and start your betting at Naijabet mobile or on the computer version.

  • Naijabet Zero Transaction Cost
    • Great customer service
    • No bonus recycling
    • Fantastic Odds
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