Verve Nigeria is taking the online payment space like a storm. Famous for its enormous population and huge crude oil reserves, Nigeria, according to a recent report is Africa’s biggest economy. Although has suffered from Civil wars, military dictatorship, and colonialism, like every other African nation, the countries 2011 General election was seen as its fairest and democratic poll to date. So, it’s no surprise the West African Nation’s betting industry is seen as one of the most liberal on the continent.

Punters in Nigeria can sign up and play on foreign sites if they so desire. Having said that, many punters in the country prefer locally-owned online sports betting sites. Most of these Nigeria owned online sites process payments, bets and cash withdrawals in Naira, and accept various and numerous types of friendly banking options in Nigeria, the most famous you’ll see below. Verve Nigeria gives a good local payment alternative for Nigerian bettors.

Casino Banking Online

Nigeria’s betting laws is seen as confusing to a layman because of there being a lot of old and new Codes and Acts that combined permit and disallow many forms of betting. Allowed forms of gambling in Nigeria include lotteries, betting pools, skill-based card games, and horse racing, all allowed in every state of the Federation. Nigerian licensed and owned online bookmakers are permitted and very famous in the country.

There are many deposit methods available for betting fans, all security guaranteed their own way, some not very easy and fast. It boils down to your preference. Some use credit cards such as Master Cards, Visa Cards or Verve cards, others pay directly at the bank. With various options available to make payments, deposits are easy for any gambler in the world.

The number of options available for customers will vary depending on which part of the world you live in. United Kingdom casino deposit methods are many with Skrill, Payooner and PayPal usable now, whereas in America casino deposit methods are not so much, though there many online casinos in Nigeria that accept credit cards from the USA and online payment solutions like Use MyWallet, eWallet Xpress and Quicktender are now available also.

Verve Nigeria

What is Verve

Verve is the first chip card plus PIN payment card that provides cardholders payment card solutions. In Nigeria, Verve card is accepted across all payment platforms, and it is used in more than 185 countries across the World.

“No punter in Nigeria can be without Verve one or two years from now” / One of the VIP-players at NairaBET

Verve offers issuers great benefits, secure payments and easy access with the use of Verve Cards.

This payment system that is very compatible with enables holders of its cards to receive and transfer funds to and from family and friends, with a minimum deposit amount of ₦150.

Verve Nigeria features

Verve has more than 15 million tokens in circulation across the country, way more than any other payment card brand in Nigeria.

They have non-stop access to over 1000 online merchants including e-wallets, 11 000 ATMs and 100 600 Point of Sale terminals.

Verve Nigeria also provides unique value-added services, with rewards for loyalty at certain merchant

Verve is issued as a prepaid and debit card, with the verve card number in scripted in it.

For added security on your Verve wallet, they provide advanced biometric features which include face recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprints.

In a bid to ensure customers experience seamless transactions every time, Verve Nigeria and Quickteller have introduced “wallet”.

Ewallet on Quickteller gives Verve cardholder immediate access to view your verve card, as well as Verve eCash. It’s important you sign up for Verve e-cash registration to be able to use the unique feature on Quickteller.

The biggest benefit is the latest Verve Paycode innovation. Verve pay code makes cash withdrawal easy. Verve gives you access to instant cash when you cash out at any POS/Merchant location or Quickteller Paypoint. No Wallet, No wahala! All you need to do is to dial the correct USSD code for your bank, generate a Verve Paycode and a cashout PIN, then proceed to the ATM to withdraw cash.

How To Activate Your Verve Cards For Online Transactions In Nigeria

Verve assures cardholders more convenient and safer Interswitch card with Quickteller services, offers convenience to everyday life. Verve card is issued by banks in Nigeria and powered by Interswitch. The Verve is the new name of the InterSwitch ATM (Automated teller Machine) card. We have different types of Verve cards like Master Card Verve, Verve Debit, and Verve PrePaid. The Verve debit card is linked to your bank account.

Your Verve card can be used on all platforms including mobile, Web, POS, and ATM. You can use your Verve debit cards for many online transactions. This includes money transfer to other accounts via the Quickteller application. It can also be used to withdraw cash, make bill payments, deposit casino and purchase airtime at ATM points.

Nigerian Banks that issue Verve cards include:

Ecobank Plc


First Bank Plc

Fidelity Bank Plc

Heritage Bank Limited

Jaiz Bank

Access Bank Plc

Wema Bank Plc

Sterling Bank Plc

Polaris Bank


Unity Bank Plc.t.c.

Simply walk into any branch to request a Verve Card.

Activate Verve card

Once you obtain your verve card, proceed to activate by changing the default PIN at the ATM. Once you have activated your Verve Card, start using it for any transactions. But to use it to make online payments including gambling or casino deposits, you have to register the Verve card for an Interswitch Safetoken Service to be provided.

The ‘Interswitch Safetoken Service’ generates a 6-8 digit OTP {One-Time-Password} whenever you initiate a transaction via the Interswitch Web Payment channel.

The registering of the Safetoken enables customers to carry out transactions on any web merchant website that has the Interswitch Payment gateway integrated into it. It is using an OTP as a second state authentication process for security reasons in addition to your PIN, Card Number, and CVV2 code.

Activate your Verve Nigeria

To be able to generate OTP for your Verve card while carrying out an online transaction with it, you must register it for the safe token service first. Follow these steps at your nearest ATM!

  1. Insert your Verve card at the ATM
  2. Type your 4-digit PIN and then press Enter
  3. Select your bank account type
  4. Then, select the ‘Quickteller’ option from the menu screen
  5. Select ‘Pay Bills’ from the Quickteller menu list
  6. Select ‘Others’ for the bill payment menu option list
  7. Enter ‘322222” as the Biller Code
  8. Enter your Mobile Phone Number as the Customer Reference Number and ‘Proceed’
  9. You will see a display “Do you want to make this payment?” Amount Due: N1.
  10. Click on “Pay amount due”
  11. You will get a confirmation page showing the registration was successful!

After this, whenever you want to make an online payment with your verve card and you reach the stage where you are asked to enter an OTP, you will receive the OTP via text on your registered mobile phone which will be needed to complete your transaction.

Making Casino Payments Online with Verve Card

Most fans of online gambling fund their betting or gambling online accounts with a debit or credit card as most appear to have one or more including Nigeria. The process is fast, convenient and very easy as it eliminated annoying queues online or out-of-order ATMs, as seen demonstrated by the steps below:

  1. Make sure you possess a valid and funded Verve Card.
  2. Log in to your preferred betting website like and visit the Banking page.
  3. Click on it to open the Deposit or Payment options menu.
  4. Select the option“Pay with ATM card” or WebPay depending on which device you are using to browse.
  5. Type in the amount you want to pay into your betting account. Thereafter click submit, and you’ll be redirected to a safe and encrypted payment gateway home screen.
  6. On that particular screen fill out all the needed card information – your secret PIN included, before submitting thereafter.
  7. You should then be directed to another page which will provide you with a status update i.e. indicating whether your transaction was successful or not.

If the transaction is successful, you will be directed back to your betting site where you should see the fund you just deposited in your account balance.

Verve Nigeria

Verve World was founded in 2008, as a subsidiary of Interswitch. In 2013, the multinational financial technology and payment card brand became an autonomous business entity in a restructuring exercise.

The Central Bank of Nigeria in 2005 mandated the Nigerian payment industry that licensed operators must migrate to EMV chip and PIN channel by 2009 away from the previous magnetic strip. The policy was necessary when the magnetic strip technology became susceptible too for fraudulent transactions. In partnership with Nigerian banks, Verve issued over six million cards.

Verve Nigeria offers card products to the Nigerian market. Already in 2013, it was reported to have more than 20 million of its cards in circulation in Nigeria and access over 12,000 ATMs, 120,000 POS, and more than 1,000 online merchants.

Discover Financial Services partnered with Interswitch in March 2013, a partnership that gave birth to the acceptance of Verve Cards across 185 countries and territories.

Verve is issued by about 40 banks across Africa with an excess of 30 million payment tokens circulating. The Company made its way into the East African market with a partnership with Kenya Commercial Bank to expand the acceptance of Verve Card and payment services in six major East African countries, namely: Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, South Sudan, and Rwanda.

Verve card

The major distinguishing feature of the Verve card is that it is exclusively Nigerian. If you are “Proudly Nigerian” then you should consider getting yourself a Verve card, but have it at the back of your mind that Verve cards are only accepted within the local market of Nigeria. This debit card will allow you transact business, make payments for different goods within Nigeria using the ATM machine or POS, buying airtime, paying bills and making a casino deposit, etc. You can use your Verve card on Nigerian websites that support Interswitch or Quickteller. You cannot use your Verve card for international transfers or on international betting sites.

This card guarantees automatic fund protection from international frauds and hackers, as you cannot buy anything from countries abroad. Verve provides numerous discounts to reward loyalty. Also, the verve debit cards are reasonably affordable to get – relatively cheaper than other debit cards around. Most banks, charge N700 only for one verve card. Also, Verve charge just N100 while making transactions on Quickteller.

Difference between Verve card and Mastercard

Once you open a new bank account, you can choose the option to select the kind of debit card that you desire. Here in Nigeria, we have few kinds of debit cards around, which are Verve card, Mastercard and Visa card. Sometimes customers don’t know their differences, which are very important. In this article, you will be able to know all the facts about the above-listed types of debit cards. You will also learn specifically the difference between Verve card and Mastercard.

How do you define Verve card and Mastercard?

Basically, all the types of debit cards offer similar service, which involves receiving and sending various kinds of banking transactions. The cards you use when paying is generally called a debit card,  and the card connects to the funds that are loaded by the holder of the card in his or her bank account or e-wallet. We also have credit cards, where funds provided to you by your bank can be loaded as a temporary loan.

So, let’s check out the types of debit cards we mentioned above and know the major difference between the Verve card and Mastercard.

Final Words about use of Verve  Nigeria for betting transfers

Over 20 million people use Verve cards for payments in Nigeria today. This is including casinos and betting online and the figures are increasing quickly. Mainly due to the incredible growth of the betting industry in Nigeria. This financial service is one that punters in Nigeria will not be able to do without in a few years, as more local betting sites continue to spring up. Embrace the financial technology today and try it out to make a deposit with Verve.