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The online payment start-up Paga is a Nigerian payment platform that offers its users to make payments and money transfers using their mobile device. Acting as a mobile wallet, Paga Nigeria allows its users to conduct banking activities on their mobile.

Paga is one of the most spoken about startups in Nigeria in recent years and now they have recently launched an online gambling payment feature. In tight cooperation with NairaBet. With the hashtag Mypaga is the company taking on Nigerian customers that want easier payment solutions.

As seen in particularly Europe where both online gambling and financial innovation are frontrunners, it is evident that the online gambling industry is quick to adopt new financial developments as it easies operations as well as increase the experience for the players.

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We at loves when operators take action making the deposit and withdrawal functions easier. That is also why we love that now Paga is available for online betting. Paga will definitely benefit from positioning themselves within online gambling, as the transaction numbers are vast, high-value industry and operators prefer online payment. Just like we online casino players in Nigeria like it!

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What is Paga

The emergence of innovative knowledge in the finance sector, often called Fintech, has become a sensation where money-driven economies quickly become digital money industries. Consumers and companies adapt to new technologies that make commercial goods and services available to the public at low cost. And with increased possibilities to transfer money and pay for services, the general spending increases, making it possible for new innovation and a larger service sector.

But as developed countries are pushing forward Fintech programs and offers, some developing countries are behind this in this respect. Some countryside areas in developing countries do not have easy bank access, and, should they exist, the smallest deposits set up by banks may not be available to community residents.

One of Fintech’s initiatives is to erase such problems in developing and remote countries. The notion of financial integration aims to include the population without access to traditional banks in what you call the era of digital banking and payments. Mobile banking solutions, like Paga in Nigeria, are introducing the combat of economic exclusion.

Paga NG is one very good example of where young and driven Naijan entrepreneurs to identify a societal problem and solves it with technology adapted for the Nigerian market and population.

History of MyPaga

Founded in 2009 by Tayo Oviosu and Jay Alabraba, Paga Nigeria launched publicly two years later in 2011. Paga, or Pagatech Limited, which is the legal name has over 250 employees and over 17,000 agents. Currently, the home of Paga headquarters is in Lagos, Nigeria. Over the years Paga has made 4 investment round and secured millions in investments, many of which come from Nigeria. The vision was to reduce the need for cash and transform it into digital payments. And today it is quite obvious that they have succeeded. After getting a license from the Nigerian Central Bank they were free to offer their services to customers in Nigeria.

The start of Paga was to transfer money for free, and even if that still is a big part of the business, more and more features are implemented in the app. Now you can pay bills, make bank deposits and even pay in some stores. You are also able to use it to make deposits on some of the Nigerian online casinos. Continue reading to learn how to use Paga to make a deposit at a casino like Bet9ja, Surebet247 or 1XBet.

What is Paga all about

Pagatech launched in Nigeria to benefit from the buildup of cash money in the financial industry and to facilitate financial services for all citizens in Africa. The Nigerian banking sector can be very hard to access all over Nigeria. But with the dawn of mobile phones and telecoms engineering, great efforts in attaining a sizable part of the country’s population have been made. The cooperation between the banking and telecommunications sectors has led to the emergence of mobile banking services, such as Paga, where the consumer can do basic financial transactions using a mobile phone. MyPaga works via a mobile app or online using your desktop at the company’s website.

Customers have a wide range of options with Paga. Receive and pay money, pay utilities and other bills and even make payments in stores. The close collaboration between Western Union and My Paga comes with great advantages. You can send money directly from Western to your personal Paga account. Payments in Nigeria has never been easier!

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Paga locations

Paga has many stores all over Nigeria, where the Paga agent trade and becomes the ATMs for people. The owner of the My Paga account or another owner who wishes to send money will inform the Paga agent of the recipient’s telephone number. The Paga agent starts by using his phone to initiate the transfer and deducts the sum sent from the sender’s account and the fee of the transfer if any. Additional alternatives that are exclusively for #MyPaga account owners is an online option where the Paga account owner can use an internet mobile connected to the internet to order the transaction on their own.

You fund your Paga account by transfers into your account and all the standard ways of depositing money are available. Credit cards, bank deposits and using a financial institution, such as e-wallets. When you have deposited the money and transferred them, both the contributor and the recipient get a text message validation serving as the confirmation and validation for the money transfer. The text note received by the contributor authorises the deduction in the Paga account and the withdrawal code needed to access the funds that he or she will send to the beneficiary. The receiver uses the code for withdrawal of funds and can withdraw money as normal. Either using their bank or a money outlet.

MyPaga’s additional services

Moreover, on top of the basic banking activities offered via the mobile payment application and the site, Paga offers a payment service that entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies and traders can incorporate into their own online homepage. After that, the customers of these companies have the opportunity to make and receive payments via mobile and Paga stores.

To prevent fake trades and misuse of the system, security is very important to MyPaga. Therefore, they have taken additional steps to protect users and their Paga online payments. For example, Paga login must be done on a trusted device. Otherwise, the customer must verify the new device before making any payments. All transactions going through Paga Nigeria must be completed with an individual and secret pin code and, of course, only known you as the Paga account holder knows it.

On top of that Paga Nigeria has made additional security measures to prevent fraud and abuse. Therefore, there are various levels of service the account holder can choose from. All with different levels of security. For the first level, where you can transfer 30,000 Naira per day, you only need your phone number and name. Therefore, to be able to transfer ₦100,000 per day, you also need to provide your ID card and an address. To reach the “highest” level of MyPaga usage, credit control and references are needed. This enables transfers of up to 1,000,000 Naira per day.

Steps to make a casino deposit with Paga

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You can either use your computer or the mobile app. Most people use the mobile app so that is the process that we are going to describe. First of all, you will need to download the Paga mobile app from Google Play or the AppStore from Apple. Thereafter, you can connect your Credit Cards and Bank Accounts. Now you can use it to instantly send money to your friends and family, pay bills and much more.

As a result, you can also make payments to Nairabet and other casinos to make deposits to your casino account. This is one of the fastest and most secure ways to make a transaction with a casino today.

Final Words about to use of Paga for casino transfers

Over 12 million people are using Pagatech in Nigeria today and the numbers are growing quickly. This is one of the new upcoming financial services that you will not be able to be without in just a few years. Embrace the technology today and try it out to make a deposit with Paga.

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