Paul Onuachu scores after 10 seconds (NEW RECORD!)

Something unbelievable happened in the game between Nigeria and Egypt this Tuesday. For the first time in his career, Paul Onuachu scored a goal for Nigeria. It all happened within the first 10 seconds and is a Nigerian record. The fastest scoring for Nigeria in an international game. The game also finished 1-0 to Nigeria so it was a very important goal for the team. Check out the goal here:

About Paul Onuachu

Paul Onuachu is born on the 28th of May in 1994. He plays for the Danish club FC Midtjylland and is a striker. He came to this club already in 2012 on a scholarship and tried a few different clubs before ending up in FC Midtjylland where he has been a consistent scorer. In March this year, he was for the first time in his life call-up to be a part of the Nigerian National Team. After this new record score, many eyes are on this extraordinary striker. Some rumours say that a team in Belgium is very interested in him. He could at this point be worth already 8-10 millions of euros which is about ₦3200-4000 millions or Naira.

The 10 Second Score

After the kick-off, there was one pass back before a long pass from John Ogu reached Paul Onuachu. With combined skill and luck he made his opponent and was able to score from just the outside of the penalty area. The commentator had not even introduced his co-commentator and some of the visitors had not yet arrived. It was truly an extraordinary goal and records are always fun. But as they say, records are made to be beaten. So how long do we have to wait until Nigeria beats this amazing 10-second record? Many of the teammates, managers, fans and journalist for very exciting about this new player that shows himself to be very promising. It was not just the goal that makes people talk about him. He was good throughout the game and according to his teammates also at practice.

The fastest score in the World

The fastest goal ever is in 8,1 second and is made from Christian Benteke when scoring against Gibraltar back in 2016. The second fast score is 0,2-second slower (8,3 seconds) and took place in 1993. So it can take a very long time until this record taken by someone else.