Paga Casino Payment Method

Are you like us a fan of Paga and would like to use it to deposit and withdrawal money from your casino account? Finally, the solution is here. If you have a Paga account you can use it already now to deposit money to for example Nairabet. Already 12 million people in Nigeria use Paga today to make easy and quick payments. Learn more about this fantastic payment method below.

History of MyPaga

Paga is a mobile payment app that was founded already back in 2009 by the Nigerian entrepreneur Tayo Oviosu. The vision was to reduce the need for cash and transform it into digital payments. Paga went live in 2012 on the Nigerian market after getting a license from the Nigerian Central Bank. The use cases are many but you can transfer money for free, you can make deposits to your bank account, pay bills and much more. Now you are also able to use it to make deposits on some of the Nigerian online casinos. Continue reading to learn how to use Paga to make a deposit at a casino like Nairabet.

Steps to make a casino deposit with Paga

You can either use your computer or the mobile app. Most people use the mobile app so that is the process that we are going to describe. First of all, you will need to download the Paga mobile app from Google Play or the App Store from Apple. Then you can connect your Credit Cards and Bank Accounts. Now you can use it to instantly send money to your friends and family, pay bills and much more. You can also make payments to Nairabet and other casinos to make deposits to your casino account. This is one of the fastest and most secure ways to make a transaction with a casino today.

paga casino payment method transfer deposit

Final Words about to use Paga for casino transfers

Over 12 million people are using Paga in Nigeria today and the numbers are growing quickly. This is one of the new upcoming financial services that you will not be able to be without in just a few years. Embrace the technology today and try it out to make a deposit with Paga.

Nigerian Casino Operator Tax Obstacles

There are a few obstacles in the gambling market in Nigeria. In order to make the business grow even further there are a few things that need improvements. For the casino industry to grow further faster internet connections, mobile penetrations and easy to use payment methods are all important factors. Another obstacle that not many people are talking about is the tax structure. In this article, we will talk about some of the considerations that we have in this regards.

Tax for Gambling in Nigeria

The tax rate in Nigeria depends on the state. Unfortunately, there are not all states that have a specialised team or board that manage these concerns. In Lagos, for example, the system works pretty well. Whereas, in other states, the tax system is part of the regular system. This makes it difficult for international operators to enter the market. When the tax and process differ between states it makes it difficult to operate on such a market. Also, the cooperation between the states is more or less non-existing. It will become increasingly important to figure this out to make it easier for the casino industry to continue growing. With the right law and tax in place, this could be very beneficial for the states. Read more about the tax on gambling in Nigeria at casino tax

Cooperation is important for responsible gambling

Another important factor is that with cooperation between different states it is easier to handle problem gamblers. To have responsible gambling is not that easy and Nigeria has a lot to learn from already regulated markets. For example, in the UK, Sweden and Denmark there are systems in place to ban yourself from all casino operators. They also have special tests, limits on how much you can gamble for each day, week and month. All of the mechanism is important and it better handled on nationwide level instead of by the state.

There are a lot to learn and a lot to take into consideration. For the best for Nigeria the Nigerian gambling industry we think the government should handle tax- and other gambling matters on a federal level.

Casino sponsors fourth season of Big Brother

Many online casinos in Nigeria are finding new ways to reach a potential customer base. One of the most innovative and largest gambling companies in Nigeria, Bet9ja recently announced that they will sponsor this year of Big Brother. After seeing the lines to the audition and the Bet9ja flags it is obvious that the sponsorship is a good idea. The auditions took place at 8 location Lagos, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Warri, Ibadan, Benin and Enugu. This very popular program will most likely attract a large number of new customers. In this article, we will try to dig a bit deeper into how this sponsorship looks like.

About Big Brother

Big Brother is a reality show first aired in the Netherlands and then spread across the world. Up until today’s date, there have been more than 400 seasons combined in more than 50 countries. The Big Brother season last year was named Double Wahala.

The concept is pretty simple. People live under the same roof in a specially constructed house or apartment that does not have any contact with the outside world. The people that live in the house should try to stay there as long as possible. The last person will be the winner. To stay you can win different competitions and challenges and avoid to be voted out from your housemates. Everything is closely monitored by cameras around the clock throughout the entire show.

Cost of Sponsorship

According to trustworthy resources, this sponsorship is worth as much as ₦1.08bn. This is much larger than the previous sponsorship from Bet9ja of the Nigerian National Team. The Nigerian National Team sponsor deal was “only” of ₦200 million. With this much budget Big Brother this year will be able to have better quality. The location will most likely be fancier than in previous years. Maybe they are even thinking about recording the show in South Africa. It will be very interesting to follow this development to see if more gambling operators are going to sponsor big events, teams and tv-shows like this to attract new customers.

New payment routines at NairaBET Shops

New from today is that even if you place your bet in on NariaBET shop you can withdrawal your money in any other NairaBET shop. Before it was only possible to make the withdrawal in the same shop as you made your bet. This is good news for players that often are on the move. For most players, this will not matter that much. The trend is clear, most new players are interested on playing online. If you want to play online check out our NairaBET review to get more information as well as a generous welcome bonus.

NairaBET Shops in Nigeria

There are 25 betting shops from NairaBET in Nigeria. These shops are spread out across the nation. In Anambra State, you can find one betting shop at 15, Onitsha Road Nnewi, Anambra. Lagos State has the most shops, with 11 shops. Most of them are in the city but you can also find shops at Somolu, Ebute-Metta, Yaba and Alapere. In Ogun State, there is one shop at Shop 132 Aroni Street, Sango-Otta Garage, Sango-Otta. Oyo State and Rivers State have 6 shops each. In Oyo State, all shops are in Ibadan and in Rivers State, all shops are in Port Harcourt.nairabet shops

Future of Betting Shops

There are different legislation that forces gambling operators to have physical betting shops in order to have online betting. These rules are different in different countries. In the countries where it is not required the shops are slowly getting fewer customers and more and more people are moving into the online world. We expect this to also happen in Nigeria. It can take some years but eventually online casino and sports betting online will be much more popular. What we hear that people do not trust the technology and feel more secure to have a physical paper where the teams, odds and payout structure is presented. This is understandable but till most likely chance over the next decade when the online gambling operators have gained more trust in the market.

Akwa United against Yobe Desert Stars – Attack by Fans

Akwa United won over Yobe Desert Stars on the 6th of February with 1-0. With the win, Akwa United advances from the last position to the 7th position in Group B. It was a very important game even if the season just started. Yobe Desert Stars is now second from the bottom and have only 6 points after 5 played games. The fans of Yobe Desert Stars became very angry with the final score and ashamed themselves by attacking players in Akwa United by throwing stones at them as well as vandalising their bus.

Yobe Deserts Stars fans attack Akwa United

From what we have heard the fans of Yobe Deserts Stars started to throw stones at the players at Akwa United after the game finished. If this is true it is terrible. No one should ever have to be afraid of playing the game that they love. It must have been especially difficult for the players in Akwa United since this was an away game. But it was not enough with attacking the players the fans also vandalised the bus of Akwa United.

Akwa United Vandalised Bus

Here are some images from the vandalisation. It must have been a very terrible experience for everyone in Akwa United.

akwa united fc bus vanalised image 3akwa united fc bus vanalised image 2 akwa united fc bus vanalised image 1

How did it end?

The police had to use tear gas to push the angry fans back. It is still unclear what fine Yobe Desert Stars will get but it was not long ago since Plateau United and Niger Tornadoes got a fine of N1m each for troubling fans. This is definitely something to take very seriously. This is the players work and no one should have to feel insecure at a job. We hope and think that the organisations responsible for this will take actions.

Next Games

Let’s just hope the upcoming games for Akwa United vs Kada City and Yobe Stars vs Kano Pillars on Sunday the 10th of February will be a much more friendly event. It should be safe for both players, family, kids and women to watch football. If you want to play a bet on one of these games check out this top list of betting sites. Make the Nigerian National League safe again!

IK Sirius signs John Junior Igbarumah (Nigerian Striker)

Today John Junior Igbarumah signed a two-year contract with IK Sirius. IK Sirius is in the highest division in the Swedish league Allsvenskan. Last year John Junior Igbarumah scored 17 goals for the team Carlstad United. But today he will take the big step up to the highest division in Sweden. John Junior Igbarumah is trained in Dynamo Football Academy in Nigeria. That academy is a successful place for Nigerian players to start. Other starts such as Kennedy Igboananike and Moses Ogbu comes from the same Academy. Moses Ogbu is already playing in IK Sirius. Rumour says that he and John Junior Igbarumah knows each other quite well.

What does IK Sirius say about this transfer

John Junior Igbarumah

The Sports Director of IK Sirius Ola Andersson says that they had their eyes on John Junior Igbarumah for quite some time. He was a great scorer last year and he will fit perfectly in the type of football we intend to play this year. John Junior Igbarumah has been great on practice and we have also played in a few games and it looks very promising. I and IK Sirius are very happy with this transfer.

The season 2019

For the season of 2018 IK Sirius finished 4th from the bottom with 8 victories, 6 draws and 16 loses. This year the aim is much higher. It is only the third year in modern times that the team is in the highest league. Therefore, their accomplishment to stay in the highest league is very good. The first game for IK Sirius in 2019 will be on the 31st of March. It will be 30 rounds of games before the league is over. It will be very exciting to see what our two Nigerian players Moses Ogbu and John Junior Igbarumah will be able to do for their team.

Betting on Sports

If you are interested in sports betting we recommend you to check out our page about it. You can learn everything from how odds work, different betting types and where you can play. If you have any questions about it do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you out.

AFCON 2019

CAIRO – January 8, 2019. The Confederation of African Football (CAF) announced today, Tuesday January 8 2019, that Egypt will host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, AFCON 2019.

In the evening before the day of the announcement, the Egyptian delegation, led by Hani Abo Rida, president of the Football Association, arrived in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, to attend a meeting of the CAF Executive Committee.

The Egyptian presentation team consists of Mohamed Kamel, Presentation CEO, Ahmed Megahed, Karam Kordi and Magdi Abel Gani.

As soon as the delegation arrived, its members met members of the Executive Committee to convince them to vote for Egypt for the AFCON 2019. The Presentation team showed an advertising video in support of Egypt’s application for the right to host the tournament, and it was launched in three different languages ​​except Arabic.

Will Mohamed Salah continue his dominance from the Premier League also into the AFCON 2019?

Cameroon stripped of AFCON 2019 hosting

The African Championships are settled between June 15 and July 13. And with just over half a year before the tournament, (CAF) decided to make a change in hosting.

Originally, the AFCON 2019 was planned to be held in Cameroon. But after a meeting that supposedly lasted over ten hours in Ghana in November 2018, it was established that Cameroon can no longer arrange the AFCON 2019. Reasons being serious delays in the preparations and that security in the country cannot be guaranteed.

Close competition with South Africa

When it was decided that Cameroon was stripped as host, both Egypt and South Africa showed interest in hosting AFCON 2019. They are clearly good candidates both of them with infrastructure already in place when it was decided there are plenty of opportunities for a football tournament, but reports say doubts were expressed about the low participation in South Africa.

In recent years, participation in football matches in South African arenas has decreased, including Bafan Bafan matches, which could affect the country hosting a successful tournament.

Although South African football fans were divided on whether the country would qualify for the tournament, the South African Football Association (SAFA) did not receive government support, which CAF reportedly made it difficult for them to accept the SA application.

Nigeria AFCON 2019

Egypt, which won the Africa Cup of Nations Trophy seven times, will host the tournament for the fifth time in its history. In 1957, 1974, 1986 and 2006, the tournament was held in Egypt, but they could not win the title until 1974. The last time they hosted the tournament was in 2006, when they also made it to the finals. The tournament has been expanded from 16 to 24 teams. It is the first time it is decided for summer.

AFCON 2019For Nigeria and the Super Eagles, who lifted the Cup in 2013, the AFCON 2019 will be their first showing on the big stage since they won the Cup. Nigeria has not qualified for the tournament since they won in 2013 and crashed out in both 2015 and 2017 qualifiers. But this time the team feels really strong and they finished first in their group in front of strong contenders in South Africa (Q) and Libya.

With John Mikel Obi as captain of the team chances are looking better for the Super Eagles in many years. In 2018 the team participated in the World Cup and came really close of making it to the playoffs, but unfortunately lost the decider game against Argentina. However, team looked really strong and we hope for the best of the Super Eagles in AFCON 2019.

Betting on the AFCON 2019

Being one of the most important betting events for the full year of 2019 make sure to get the most out of you betting at the AFCON 2019. At we will give you the best guidance of how and where to bet at AFCON 2019. Including the best sports betting bonuses for Nigerian punters and some tips and tricks on how to maximise profit during a full tournament.

Join us in one of the best betting experiences for the whole year of 2019!

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Monday Funding Madness

Monday Funding MadnessAre you tired of Mondays? Have a long work week ahead of you? Relax, with the Monday Funding Madness offered by NairaBET Mondays will never be the same!

NairaBET, who always have been innovative with new, fun features and bonuses for their players have introduced the Monday Funding Madness to make the start of the week a bit more interesting and enjoyable. Between 9 am and 9 pm every Monday, you will get a 10% bonus on your deposits during that time. Within less than 24 hours you get your bonus and have an additional 10 percent to play for. That is what we at AfricaCasinos thinks is real value for the money. And best of all is that this bonus is also eligible for existing players a so called reload bonus or loyalty bonus!

Monday is not always the most fun day of the week. Many of us need to do the hours at work to get our play slip in the end of the week or month. Therefore, we really like the Monday Funding Madness that NairaBet has come up with and it is also great value for us players. To get 10% as an existing player is really good and if you don’t have an account already you can also get their generous first time deposit bonus applicable from time to time. Once being a registered player, you can also bet from your mobile by calling NairaBET and register your bet and the amount using your mobile phone.

Monday Funding Madness terms and conditions

When you utilize Monday Funding Madness there are terms and conditions that apply. And, as we always stress, it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully. For #NairabetMFM you need for instance to deposit using certain ways of payments, like Quickteller, card deposit or USSD. You can use the bonus on any odds, big as well as small and you will get the bonus on multiple deposits. Of course the deposit also needs to be made according to the set times. Otherwise it would not really be a Monday bonus, right? What should be noted is that, when you win, the bonus amount is removed from your total winnings. With this system you pay back the bonus awarded upon winning. But don’t worry, that is not applicable when you lose!

We at thinks the terms and conditions for the Monday Funding Madness is in line with what to expect as a player and nothing that should be any concern. But please read them carefully anyways.

You use the bonus by placing bets as normal at NairaBET. Only difference is that you select “Place Using Free Balance” where you are to supposed to stake an amount on the final betting page. You can always use the main account balance and save the bonus for later (it will not disappear.

Monday Funding Madness conclusion

The Monday Funding Madness is a great bonus for online sports betting players in Nigeria. First of all, we really like that the bonus is there for all players, not only new ones. Companies that appreciate loyal players, even the ones who does not bet super big, is very respected by us at Africa Casinos. That shows that the online gambling operator, in this case NairaBET, is there for the marathon distance and wants to create long term relations with its players.

Secondly, we think that the 10% cash bonus is set by one who understands the betting market in Nigeria. The top up on deposits is a smart strategy to get players like us to get more value for each deposited Naira. By creating an opportunity to get some extra to play for it is easier for us as players to try out new parts of the sports betting portfolio, or even try a completely new part of the website lite the online casino for Nigerian players.

All in all we think this is a very good bonus that really gives value to all online gambling players in Nigeria!

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Best Casinos In Lagos

Your guide to casinos in Nigeria

Instead of going to clubs or bars many people in Lagos have found another exciting entertainment since 1999. To play at a physical casino is the most authentic experience that you can get if you are into gambling. In contrast to online casinos in Nigeria, it has the smell and the sounds that are impossible to get while playing from home. For the best experience while playing online we recommend playing Live Casino casino since there you will have a real dealer sitting at a real casino. In this news, we will list our favourite physical/real casinos that you can find in Lagos. If you know any other options that you would like to include in this list of physical casinos in Lagos do not hesitate to contact us.

To play at a real casino in Nigeria is perfectly legal. Almost all types of gambling have been legalised by the government. In addition to the casinos in Lagos, the second most popular location for casinos in Nigeria in Abuja. Overall there are not many physical casinos which we think we change dramatically during the next decade.

Here is the list of physical casinos in Lagos:

The Federal Palace Hotel & Casino

physical casinos lagos
This luxurious resort is just by the Atlantic ocean. It is the largest and most popular place for gamblers in Lagos. It is a 5-star hotel with top of the line service. In addition to the casino, you can also use the gym, swimming pools, tennis and much more. The food is amazing and there are plenty of cafes and bars where you can find an atmosphere that suits you.

At the time of writing this post, The Federal Palace Hotel & Casino has more than 100 slot machines and 10 tables games. With table games, it means blackjack, roulette, poker and similar. Make sure to bring an ID and a proof of residence. If you are an international visitor you can show them your hotel reservation. You will also be asked to complete a MVG Form (Most Valued Guests) in order to play.

Sheraton Lagos Hotel & Casino

The second largest casino in Lagos is Sheraton Lagos Hotel & Casino. Here you will be able to find more than 60 slot machines. Sheraton is a 4-star hotel but is very nice and the staff is very helpful. Here you can also use the outdoor pool and enjoy a lot of other activities. Perfect if you want to bring your whole family for a weekend.

Carliza Hotel

There are a few small options out there which Carliza is one of our favourites. We think they have a long way before they are as good as The Federal Palace and Sheraton but if they keep up the good work they will soon be able to expand.

Hope you learned a bit about where to go if you want to experience a real casino in Lagos.

AWCON is decided – Super Falcons of Nigeria won!

On the first of December, the big final of the African Women’s Cup of Nations (AWCON) was decided. Competing teams were Nigeria and South Africa – and to our delight, the Nigerian team took home the victory. The Super Falcons of Nigeria beat Bayana Bayana from South Africa with 1 to 0. The final took place in Accra, the capital of Ghana. The game was a real crowd favourite and there has been a lot of Nigerian betting on this match. But it wasn’t an easy game for the Nigerians to win. They had to struggle through overtime and penalties to be able to win the cup.

Nigeria vs. South Africa – The AWCON Final

After a tough, long 90 minutes without a lot of chances for both teams, they both needed to regroup for the overtime. However, during the first 90 minutes, we got to see the Nigerian goalkeeper, Oluehi Tochukwu, make a couple of nice saves as well as Asisat Oshoala having two really nice chances of putting the ball in the goal for the Nigerians.

awcon nigeria super falcons

The overtime went by without any real big scoring opportunities and in a dark and warm Accra night, it was about to be decided in the shootouts. After two missed penalties from the South African team, finally, Nigeria Super Falcons was able to raise the trophy. The forward in Nigeria, Francisca Ordega, became the woman of the match by leading her team to the final victory.

This team is starting to get used to winning the AWCON. For their third consecutive time, they finished at the number one spot and they have won as many as nine tournaments in total.

This tournament in Ghana has been a very popular one, with a lot of audiences watching it. Female football is constantly growing in Africa, something that betting companies have snapped up. Lionsbet in Nigeria offered a lot of ways to bet on the AWCON games for example.