New Casinos 2021 in Nigeria

If you are from Nigeria and looking for new online casinos 2021, this is the page for you. For every year there is always some new casino sites that opening up. The list below will constantly be updated with hand-picked casinos. Pick a new casino 2021 from Nigeria now or continue reading to learn more about new casinos.

Here at Africacasinos, we love when a new online casino is launched and we anticipate that 2021 is a year filled with interesting launches. Therefore, we are constantly updating the site with clear reviews and ratings for each new online casino in Nigeria. With years of experience from new casinos, we know what we should expect and we will only list what we think is the best online casino in Nigeria on our site.

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Choose among new casino sites 2021

There many gambling companies opening up and it can be difficult to know which ones that are secure and reliable. When we look for new sites there are a few criteria. The main judgement is but is not limited to legal status and security, bonuses and offers such as free spins, payment options, the variety of games, support methods. There are also other criteria to take into consideration but these are the main ones. Learn more about each criterion below:

  • Legal Status and Security – It is important for us that the casino we choose to play at is reliable. Nothing is worse than starting to play at a casino that you later discover is a scam. We, therefore, make sure that the casinos that we list have a license in a country and have a great reputation.
  • Bonuses and Offers – As a player, you will be able to win bigger and play longer if you receive generous bonuses, promotions and so on. With a bigger bankroll, you can afford to play longer and have more fun. Often new casinos have incredible good welcome bonuses to attract payers. We make a comparison analysis to check how good the bonuses and list the best and new ones above.
  • Payment Options – In many countries there are no difficulties to make payments online. For Nigerian players, it can sometimes be a hazard to find the most beneficial payment solutions. Fortunately, there are a lot of fintech startups in Nigeria that makes the payment easier for each day.
  • The Variety of Games – Some players prefer to play just one or a few games but most players like variety. To be able to try a new game and also switch between casino, poker and sports betting. We list all types of gambling websites but this is definitely a ranking factor for us.
  • Support Methods – If you for any reason get into problems with a casino it is good to know that the support function is there to help you. Since we have many years of experience in the gambling industry we have a good understanding which casinos that are fair. Since we are only a comparison site we can not do any promising but if you have problems with any casino that we recommend, do not hesitate to contact us.

Where do you find a new casino in Nigeria?

Probably the best and most simple answer to that question is, “here at AfricaCasinos”. We keep the list above updated with the latest information that can be useful for you. It can be regular casino bonuses, free spins, promotions, tournaments and much more. On our homepage, we also have recent news that can be helpful for you to find the updated articles from the industry.

Reasons for playing at a new Nigerian casino 2021

new casinos nigeria

There are many reasons to choose a new casino instead of an old established one. First of all the bonus offers are in general much better at a new casino. The reason for this is that new casinos are spending a big junk on money to attract players. There are a lot of fixed costs for casinos so to increase the customer base and reach break-even is the first goal for most operators. In Nigeria, there are many international companies that try to get into the market. Be smart and use this bonus money to increase your chances of winning the life-changing jackpot.

Innovative gameplay is the second reason for choosing a new Nigerian casino site. The new-comers often have much more innovative and fun gameplay. There could be characters, adventures, challenges that you can participate in order to receive extra money and bonuses.

Other reasons are that the support functions are often more friendly at newer and smaller casinos since they have fewer customers to take care of. At an old established casino, you need to be one of the VIP-players to be treated like you often get treated and new ones.

New online casinos 2021 in Nigeria

New online casinos 2021 in Nigeria are added to our list almost weekly. We regularly update this list with the latest information about new grand online casinos at the Nigerian market, their exclusive bonuses and unique reviews. Playing on new online casinos in Nigeria is perfect for those who want to try out a new game adventure or find your new favorite casino online. We also know what appeals to Naijans gambling online. A new, welcome trend, is that many new online casinos have been significantly better at offering quick withdrawals.

It also gives you the possibility to get some really great bonuses when signing up. New casinos in Nigeria also tends to focus very hard on the player experience and easy and fast payment methods. On top of that that that they also have all the latest online casino games on the Nigerian market. That is few of the reasons that we at really love new online casinos in Nigeria!

Find a new online casino in Nigeria that you can trust

Nigeria is in a developing phase of the online casino business, why there might be online casinos launching that does not meet our high standard. Often a new online casino in Nigeria knows that it needs to be really good to get players, but we will, of course, keep a close eye on all new online casinos in Nigeria – both the good and the bad. Looking back at 2020 almost all new casinos launched was really good. Therefore, we are certain that new online casinos 2021 will be equally good!

If you are looking for a new casino in Nigeria, it is a good idea to check out their welcome bonus. Many casinos often celebrate their launch with an exclusive bonus. In order for you to easily see what is unique with each bonus, we have especially focused on the bonuses in our reviews. After being in the industry for a long time, we at constantly receive fresh news about upcoming launches. The most recent is that many foreign online casinos are looking to launch in Nigeria now when the gaming license is introduced at the turn of the year.

The casino jungle is not only deep, but it also changes constantly. However, you do not have to worry. We have full control! We are watching all-new online casino launches targeting Nigeria and we have seen a lot of interesting development recent time, including the launch of BestBet360.

Why are so many new online casinos in Nigeria started?

We Naijans simply love to play casino games online! Many new casinos also focus on different things that attract different audiences. In addition, some casinos are oriented or primarily built to attract different markets and countries. Of course, the increased technical development in Nigeria is part of why this market has become an interesting market for many online casino operators. With increased payment methods, faster and cheaper data traffic and an increasing middle class, Nigeria is for sure a very interesting gambling market in the years to come. For us being online casino players and sports betting players, this is a great opportunity to get a functioning gambling market. And, as stated above, new online casinos in Nigeria means new casino bonuses!

Who starts new online casinos in Nigeria 2021?

Starting an online casino is not easy. It requires a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience. Africacasinos have summarised the most important parts when starting an online gambling business, but you need more. You also need some financing, often used for marketing in the initial phases of a new online casino launch. Mostly, new online casinos in Nigeria are started by companies already operating an online or offline casino business. Lately, however, there are also a lot of entrepreneurs who have worked in the gaming industry for several years, deciding to launch their own casino.

A trend we noted among popular new online casinos 2021 is that many existing sportsbook operators are focusing on their casinos in Nigeria. For example, Nairabet and Surebet247 are have made successful online casino businesses. Being a player there is no disadvantage when new online casinos in Nigeria emerge. All come with a unique welcome bonus and an interesting theme. Perfect for us who love to play casinos online!

New online casinos 2021 comes with new themes and features

The most exciting new online casinos in Nigeria have some sort of niche. As mentioned earlier, this is to find the right audiences, but also to make the experience more enjoyable. Lately, we have seen more and more new online casinos using some kind of “gamification”. Gamification is when the new online casinos create an experience outside the games on the site. This can be that you get different tasks and when you complete them you level up or receive a bonus. Gamification can also be betting groups, casino tournaments, etc. All in all, we think it is a positive trend coming with new online casinos and we find the playing experience more enjoyable on sites that have some kind of gamification.

Best and highest online casino bonus right now

With the launch of more new online casinos in Nigeria, competition is also increasing. That is good for us players! Both new and old casinos must do their best to attract new customers. But also keeping existing customers. The advantage for us players is that the welcome packages are getting better and better, as well as the retention bonuses in Nigeria. Here we list the Nigerian online casinos who pushed out the biggest bonuses for those who love to play big!

Advantages of new casinos in Nigeria 2021

What are the benefits of starting to play at a new online casino? In fact, several! Many new casinos are started with a sense of “doing things better”. Therefore, new online casinos in Nigeria is offering better deals, faster withdrawals and, most importantly – a better online casino experience. Testing a new casino also means that you get a proper and generous welcome bonus!

When looking at new online casinos in Nigeria in general, the benefits are many. At we review the casinos in-depth and very carefully. We have found certain patterns that many new casinos seem to follow.

New casinos 2021 provide generous bonuses

A new casino may be great, but it does not matter if nobody plays or even knows about the casino. New online casinos in Nigeria, therefore, attract players with generous welcome bonuses. All for showing you as a player the casino, games and the feeling. When looking for in 2021, you can always expect a welcome bonus to maximize your winnings. Some new casinos even offer a welcome bonus without wagering requirements!

When we speak about casino bonuses, do not forget that 90% of the bonuses are welcome bonuses, being a bonus you get when you register as a new player. Once you have registered as a new player, you will not be able to access the same casino’s new welcome pack, if updated. There are of course good bonuses to collect also as an existing player, but seldom at the level of the first bonus. That’s why it’s extra fun when a new casino starts, so everyone gets the opportunity to register and enjoy the welcome bonus! It does not matter if you have 3 or 12 accounts at other casinos, everybody gets a new chance when a new online casino in Nigeria is launching.

New casinos 2021 do care

The difference between quality and experience can vary greatly between older and new online casinos. One thing that goes without saying is that the smaller casinos often take more care of you as a player. The largest and oldest sports books and casinos often have the convenience of many customers that you are easily “forgotten” or “one in the crowd”. New casinos in Nigeria are usually incredibly hungry and make every effort to make all customers happy. In addition, a newer and smaller casino always has a more personal feel. It’s basically like comparing home-made burgers with McDonalds. The difference is huge!

Now that there are so many different new online casinos in Nigeria to choose from, it’s important that you, as a new player, easily get customer support and get good answers to your questions, otherwise, you’ll leave and start playing somewhere else. The range of online casinos is too big today and if you do not like a casino, you simply change. That’s exactly what the new casinos want to avoid. They obviously want to take care of you as a player and hence keep you playing on their site.

New casinos aim to be best in all verticals

If you start a new casino today, you do not have much to lose. Competition is fierce and to stand out from the crowd, one has to offer a better product than others. Many new casinos 2021 come with a “let’s do this right from the beginning” attitude and want to make the casino as good and beneficial as possible for their players already form Day 1. They want to offer faster withdrawals, better bonuses, and more advantageous bonus rules than their competitors. Obviously, this is something you as a casino player can take advantage of!

Final Words about New Online Casinos 2021

Hope that you have gotten a better understanding of where to find the latest information about new casinos in Nigeria. With the list of criteria, you can learn why we rank the casinos as we do. Remember to play responsibly, be 18+ and read the users policies and conditions before signing up. Now it is time to go and have some fun. Hope you will be the next lucky winner at new casino 2021!