Monday Funding Madness

Monday Funding MadnessAre you tired of Mondays? Have a long work week ahead of you? Relax, with the Monday Funding Madness offered by NairaBET Mondays will never be the same!

NairaBET, who always have been innovative with new, fun features and bonuses for their players have introduced the Monday Funding Madness to make the start of the week a bit more interesting and enjoyable. Between 9 am and 9 pm every Monday, you will get a 10% bonus on your deposits during that time. Within less than 24 hours you get your bonus and have an additional 10 percent to play for. That is what we at AfricaCasinos thinks is real value for the money. And best of all is that this bonus is also eligible for existing players a so called reload bonus or loyalty bonus!

Monday is not always the most fun day of the week. Many of us need to do the hours at work to get our play slip in the end of the week or month. Therefore, we really like the Monday Funding Madness that NairaBet has come up with and it is also great value for us players. To get 10% as an existing player is really good and if you don’t have an account already you can also get their generous first time deposit bonus applicable from time to time. Once being a registered player, you can also bet from your mobile by calling NairaBET and register your bet and the amount using your mobile phone.

Monday Funding Madness terms and conditions

When you utilize Monday Funding Madness there are terms and conditions that apply. And, as we always stress, it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully. For #NairabetMFM you need for instance to deposit using certain ways of payments, like Quickteller, card deposit or USSD. You can use the bonus on any odds, big as well as small and you will get the bonus on multiple deposits. Of course the deposit also needs to be made according to the set times. Otherwise it would not really be a Monday bonus, right? What should be noted is that, when you win, the bonus amount is removed from your total winnings. With this system you pay back the bonus awarded upon winning. But don’t worry, that is not applicable when you lose!

We at thinks the terms and conditions for the Monday Funding Madness is in line with what to expect as a player and nothing that should be any concern. But please read them carefully anyways.

You use the bonus by placing bets as normal at NairaBET. Only difference is that you select “Place Using Free Balance” where you are to supposed to stake an amount on the final betting page. You can always use the main account balance and save the bonus for later (it will not disappear.

Monday Funding Madness conclusion

The Monday Funding Madness is a great bonus for online sports betting players in Nigeria. First of all, we really like that the bonus is there for all players, not only new ones. Companies that appreciate loyal players, even the ones who does not bet super big, is very respected by us at Africa Casinos. That shows that the online gambling operator, in this case NairaBET, is there for the marathon distance and wants to create long term relations with its players.

Secondly, we think that the 10% cash bonus is set by one who understands the betting market in Nigeria. The top up on deposits is a smart strategy to get players like us to get more value for each deposited Naira. By creating an opportunity to get some extra to play for it is easier for us as players to try out new parts of the sports betting portfolio, or even try a completely new part of the website lite the online casino for Nigerian players.

All in all we think this is a very good bonus that really gives value to all online gambling players in Nigeria!

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