IK Sirius signs John Junior Igbarumah (Nigerian Striker)

Today John Junior Igbarumah signed a two-year contract with IK Sirius. IK Sirius is in the highest division in the Swedish league Allsvenskan. Last year John Junior Igbarumah scored 17 goals for the team Carlstad United. But today he will take the big step up to the highest division in Sweden. John Junior Igbarumah is trained in Dynamo Football Academy in Nigeria. That academy is a successful place for Nigerian players to start. Other starts such as Kennedy Igboananike and Moses Ogbu comes from the same Academy. Moses Ogbu is already playing in IK Sirius. Rumour says that he and John Junior Igbarumah knows each other quite well.

What does IK Sirius say about this transfer

John Junior Igbarumah

The Sports Director of IK Sirius Ola Andersson says that they had their eyes on John Junior Igbarumah for quite some time. He was a great scorer last year and he will fit perfectly in the type of football we intend to play this year. John Junior Igbarumah has been great on practice and we have also played in a few games and it looks very promising. I and IK Sirius are very happy with this transfer.

The season 2019

For the season of 2018 IK Sirius finished 4th from the bottom with 8 victories, 6 draws and 16 loses. This year the aim is much higher. It is only the third year in modern times that the team is in the highest league. Therefore, their accomplishment to stay in the highest league is very good. The first game for IK Sirius in 2019 will be on the 31st of March. It will be 30 rounds of games before the league is over. It will be very exciting to see what our two Nigerian players Moses Ogbu and John Junior Igbarumah will be able to do for their team.

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