Free spins 2021 in Nigeria

Freespins or free spins (they are the same thing) is one of the best offers at an online casino in Nigeria. What could be better than play at an online casino for free before even making your first deposit? Here you will find the best free spins 2021 in Nigeria!

Free spins is the most common type of free casino bonus without deposit requirements. It is more or less available at all online casinos in Nigeria and a great way to try an online casino before making a deposit. Freespins are often connected to a simple sign up and in most cases, you get a bundle of free spins without deposit requirements immediately after signing up! As there are a lot of Nigerian online casinos out there, this is one of the best ways to test an online casino before choosing where to make a deposit.

There are plenty of reasons to play a Nigerian casino with free spins. It truly enhances the entire casino experience and gives you increased chances of winning big money. The obvious advantage is of course that you can play for free, courtesy of the generosity of the casinos. And if you have a fixed playing budget the choice become even easier as it will give you more gambling per deposited naira. Simple casino mathematics. It can even be extra lucrative if you play jackpot slots in Nigeria and other really big payout functions.

Compare Casino by Spins

Free spins will also be a way to compare the offerings and game environment between different casinos, as it does not cost you anything extra. Additionally, it is a great opportunity to try out many new and fun slots. You should always keep an eye out for free spins without wagering requirements or with a low turnover requirement in order to be able to withdraw your money fast when you win big!

Free spins as a welcome bonus

free spins nigeria

A welcome bonus is a form of bonus awarded to new players at a casino. It can consist of different kinds of bonuses, but almost always includes freespins. Part of these free spins can usually be collected immediately after registration. The remainder will be available after you make your first deposit into your online casino account.

Normally you get 10-20 free spins directly, but there are also casinos where you can get as much as 100 free spins without deposit. For example, at Slots Heaven you currently get 25 free spins for free upon registration. In some cases, the freespins apply only to selected slot machines, but it also happens that they are valid in all slots.

Perfect for those who are new to the casino site and want to test the gigantic range of slots currently offered by online casinos in Nigeria.

FreeSpins and Spin Free

When you use your freespins and spin free, your spin has a predetermined value and you cannot raise or lower the bet like you can when you play for your own money. The predetermined value of your free spins can be seen in the bonus terms. To keep in mind when it comes to freespins is that they are usually covered by a wagering requirement. This means that you have to play the winning money from your freespins a certain number of times before you can withdraw them from your game account. All terms are and should be read at the respective casino before spinning. However, there are some casinos that have free spins without such requirements, where Slots Heaven gives you what is known as “genuine free spins”.

At we always strive to provide you with fair and good bonus terms as we only collaborate with the best Nigerian online casinos, but always read the terms before playing.

List of online casinos in Nigeria offering free spins

Free spins for free

Playing with free spins on new online casinos 2021 is the ultimate casino experience. This means you do not have to spend your own money. As well as having the same chance of winning as usual. With us at you can read about how this works, your opportunities to utilize freespins and where you can do that. This is really an opportunity you should not miss, so be sure to find out what goes on in the world of freespins already today!

How to access free spins – information box

There are many ways you can access free spins in today’s online casino world. Virtually all online casinos worth their name offer some kind of welcome bonus to their new members. This great welcome offers usually consist of a deposit bonus on your first deposit or even deposits. In addition, a number of freespins are usually included as a small additional bonus. Usually, the freespins are linked to a particular slot, or you can spend them as you like in a slot machine of your choosing. Another way to get over freespins is to win them in the games themselves.

Most modern online casino video slots are equipped with various special features. One of the most common forms is that you can get the so-called scatter symbol, which gives rewards of different kinds. Such a reward is usually that you can make a number of free runs in the game, often with a playing field decorated with symbols that increase your winning chances.

You can also get freespins as part of the online casino’s own loyalty program. Sometimes they can also have different promotions with free spins offers to their members, for example when promoting new online casino slot machines. We will guide you through all different types of free spins offers here. And, of course, we will give you links to the best free spins offers in Nigeria.

Free spins without deposit

Free spins without deposit requirements are no doubt the best form of free spins on the Naija online casino market. Meaning you do not have to deposit any money into your game account before you get the chance to play for free on any of their fun slots. Finding and utilizing offers about free spins without deposit requirements or No Deposit Free Spins is a must for the casino enthusiast. We also have a page where we only list NetEnt free spins.

Advantages of free spins without deposit

The biggest advantage of this kind of freespins is quite obvious. There is no counterclaim on your part to access the free spins. You can play online casino slots for free without depositing any naira. Otherwise, it’s common to get freespins in connection with your online casino welcome bonus. As a complement to the deposit bonus. But with the no deposit free spin offers you receive the free play directly when you sign up without having to make a first deposit to your account.

As you get offers of “No Deposit Free Spins” every now and then it is a very efficient way to compare and try out different Nigerian casinos online. In addition, you are given the opportunity to test on many different fun slots, as you do not have to pay anything in advance to test. Free spins without deposit requirements give you more game value for your money and thus more winning chances for the same amount of naira. They can be extra valuable on slots that give chances of really high winnings, such as jackpot slots.

However, be sure to read the fine print properly when you participate in a No Deposit Free spins offer to get the most of them. Sometimes the offer may be connected to a tough wagering requirement. But rest assured, are here to guide you through the casino jungle helping you find the offers.

How to access No Deposit Free Spins

There are a number of ways to get your hands on those valuable freespins. We have previously talked about the welcome bonuses, and it is quite common for the casinos to hand out freespins even before you have made your first deposit. The freespins may also be available through various promotions and competitions.

As an example, it is a common practice that the Nigerian online casino hands out free spins without claiming a deposit as a way to celebrate a festival or the opening a new online slot machine.

You can also find free spins offers on different websites providing guides to online casinos, like this No deposit bonuses are generally a common way for modern Nigerian online casinos to market their services.

By offering some free games at their site, potential new players are given the chance to test the casino and at the same time show their benefits or specialities compared to competitors. And such offers often include freespins. Free spins without deposit requirements are the best form of free spins. You will get the free numbers immediately as you register at a new casino.

Free casino bonuses – information box

Aside from freespins, there are several other types of free casino bonuses that you can access. It may be that you get a certain amount of money to play in the casino without any naira spent from your own purse. This basically works as freespins, but you will have a greater opportunity to choose how you want to spend them, for example, you can play with a higher bet than if you play with regular free spins.

Once you start playing at a casino, our recommendation is that you make sure to receive their newsletter. These are often filled with freespins, bonuses and competitions. All that can be used as a player when you are in search of the big win. An example of this is Slots Heaven. In one of its latest newsletters had an offer of 30 free spins if you made a deposit during that same day. This is very common and the best way to continue to enjoy bonuses also as a registered player. Therefore, we totally recommend to sign up for Nigerian online casino newsletters!

Get free spins upon registration

Freespins aim at the possibility of playing a slot machine – without having to pay for it with your own money. When you get free spins as a bonus, the casino simply pays your bet a certain number of times. This is, of course, something you could and should utilize as a player. In other words, you can play at the casino completely risk-free. All winnings you win during the freespins round will be yours. While you have not lost anything if you don’t win.

Therefore, we at thinks that it is the perfect introduction to casino games you have never played it before. Regardless if you are a casino table games player or a heavy sports better you can always enjoy the leisure provided by online casino slots!

Sometimes there is a free play on other types of casino games. It may be free lottery tickets or other types of bonuses. Free spins, however, exclusively targets online slot machines at the Nigerian online gambling market. It is a type of game that has been around for over a hundred years in its physical form. With the classic cherries as symbols, they have been called for fruit machines. Nowadays, they have entered the online world and it also means that they have got a much more advanced look.

Slot Machines at Casinos

Today, a slot machine almost always has a crisp design, a background story, fantastic music and advanced mathematics. Some of the world’s largest online slot providers, such as Playtech, can spend up to ₦400,000,000 on one single slot (but then it is often connected to paying royalties for the use of IP-rights, like Warner Bros and Gun’s N Roses). Basically, however, the principle is the same: you will try to get as many symbols of the same kind as possible in order to win big money.

How does it work with free spins without deposit requirements?

Free spins without deposit requirements differ from free spins that you receive in exchange for, for example, deposits. In the latter case, you will need to deposit money into your game account to get your freespins into your game account. This means that early in your casino career you need to risk losing money. With no deposit free spins, you eliminate that risk. Instead of being nervous about losing your game money, you can enjoy the game and hope for the big winnings.

There are two kinds of free spins without deposit requirements. One is the kind of freespins that you get when registering on a new online casino site. Here, the prerequisite is that you do not already have an account with the casino. You are also not allowed to have multiple accounts at casinos in Nigeria. Most of the times you get access to your freespins only seconds after you open your account. The second option to access no deposit free spins is to access an offer in a campaign targeting existing customers. It usually appears when you log in to your favourite online casino in Naija or if you have registered for a newsletter. So keep an eye in the mailbox!

How can you get free spins without deposit requirements?

If you want free spins without deposit requirements, first you need to find an online casino offering free spins. scans the market every day in search of creating value for our readers. This is why this site is a great place to start your casino adventure by finding the best online casinos.

After finding a casino that you want to try out, then you will either open an account or take advantage of the offered bonus, depending on the type of bonus it is. If freespins are part of the bonus, your free spins should be in your account automatically. To use them, it is enough to enter an available slot and start playing.