No Deposit Bonus in Nigeria

A no deposit bonus is simply a bonus that does not require that you deposit money to receive it. In Nigeria, the concept of no deposit bonuses is quite new but is offered by some operators. At this site, we make a review of what no deposit bonuses there are at the Nigerian market. And of course, how you as a player can use them.

For us, as players, a no deposit bonus is a great way to get to know an online casino or an online betting site before we need to put up our own money. If the site feels good and offers what you need and want as a player you can always go ahead to deposit some money.

Casino Sign Up Bonus

When we talk about casino sign up bonus, we simply mean something a casino will give you to appreciate you for signing up with their platform. As we have lots of betting sites around, meaning they all compete against one another for your business, big bonuses are offered to win new customers. This welcome bonus is an ideal way to begin playing your favorite games and checking out new games. No deposit bonus is one of those bonuses.

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Available Casino Bonuses

The best casino bonus online will give your new customers a huge boost, allowing punters to do what the desire with the money. Some will give you a financial bonus for you to stake on any game you desire. It, however, comes with conditions that you have to play with such money before it can be withdrawn, but it hands the player the opportunity to play a lot of free games.

The other casino bonuses around involve free spins, which can be on any slot game you desire, or sometimes they are restricted to particular games.

No Deposit Bonus

One of the best things you enjoy in casino online free bonus is that you have the opportunity to win real money with it. However, to enjoy such, you need to complete some betting requirements first.

While banking real cash with a no deposit casino bonus is a huge opportunity, don’t be shocked to see that the betting site will restrict the amount you can actually withdraw from your free money. Sometimes it also happens that you have to make an initial deposit before you are allowed to make any withdrawals.
It’s very important that new players read carefully the terms and conditions before you decide to claim any of the bonuses. Once you read them, you can avoid unpleasant issues and claim the bonus if you agree with the Terms& Conditions.

New accounts

One of the best ways to get your new account running is with Casino bonuses. When you register with a new betting site you will get various bonuses.

In the gambling world, mostly online, few things beat the opportunity of attempting something and being in with an opportunity to win something without risking any of your hard earned money. In most cases, you need to fund your online account to be able to punt for real cash online but this has since changed. Thanks to what’s called a no deposit bonus, where players are handed an opportunity to make more money with no risk involved whatsoever.

A no deposit bonus is offered with no money requirements at any point. Most times, all you have to do is open an account, confirm your e-mail address for authentication and the site will issue you a free welcome bonus. Although the bonus money is always symbolic, notwithstanding, the player can still use this free money to start gambling and earn more money just for having fun.

Be careful with new casino sites

Truly, there’s no better feeling better than free stuff.

However it important to note that some rogue sites can use a no deposit online bonus to attract inexperienced punters. So that’s why it is advisable to examine the website pretty well and go through its reviews first.

Most times players are tempted to choose the highest no deposit bonus site online, but that’s not the best option. The main aim of this bonus is for you to try your hand on the website and its games, and subsequently make money of it.

Picking a No Deposit Bonus

You might be wondering how you can pick a no deposit bonus and not get scammed. Well, we have a lot of such around, so it can be overwhelming. Typically, you are offered this bonus when you first sign up to a site – meaning that no deposit casino bonuses are an introductory bonus that comes even without an initial deposit. With that in mind, selecting a no deposit bonus shouldn’t be about the bonus, but the casino. You should sign up with a safe and secure casino, where you can be certain you’re getting a fair opportunity of making money.

How does it Work?

When you receive such bonus from a casino upon registration, the money appears in your online account and you can then utilize it like your own hard earned money. Normally, some casinos restrict you from playing video slots alone, although this isn’t the case all the time, either. Mind you, every no deposit casino bonus comes with specific rules, which you must find on the website of the casino.

Once your account has been credited with this free bonus, you are free to select a game you desire and begin playing. Mind you, this free money acts the same as your real cash, so you can start playing and winning. Your wining is automatically added to your deposited cash in the account.

Converting a No Deposit Bonus into Real Cash

As good as this sound, the fact that a casino gives you free cash to play with, doesn’t necessarily mean you can instantly claim the money and withdraw. Things aren’t that simple, even if you get so lucky and multiply the bonus to several thousand, you can’t just cash out easily. Those online Casinos have specific limitations and restrictions lined out to prevent “hit and run” players from carrying out their intentions.

The main aim of this casino bonus is so that you could get used to the casino and what it has to offer and try your hands on new games in real cash mode. However, it doesn’t mean that as a player, you can’t win cash from it. It’s important you understand all the procedures around the bonus.

Important terms connected to no deposit bonuses:

• Wagering requirements.
• Maximum cash out or Maximum Conversion

Wagering Requirements

No matter how mouth-watering a bonus can be, they come with some measure of betting requirements. A typical example is when you are told the number of periods you are required to play through the given bonus figure before you will be allowed to withdraw the funds. Generally, betting requirements are set in place to ensure players take no deposit bonuses for the main aim of play.
In the case of no deposit bonus, the betting is always on the higher side. Notwithstanding, always have it at the back of your mind that this is free cash you’re using so whether you win or lose, you are risking nothing.

Maximum Cashout

A no deposit bonus normally comes with a maximum real cash conversion or cashout. This is the maximum amount the casino will permit you to withdrawal from the no deposit casino bonus given to you even when you make the required wagering and it is always about €100.

At times, this can be annoying and appears unfair after you had gone on a winning streak, multiplying your account balance into several thousand, but rules are being adhered to strictly. Not to forget that it is free cash you’re playing games with so the casino that gave you the money has the full right to set any limitations on it.

Claiming a No Deposit Casino Bonus

It is usually very easy to claim a no deposit bonus. First of all, you must sign up to the particular casino online. Once sign up is completed, you’ll be required to verify your new account by attending to the email that was sent to you. While you sign-up, you’ll always be asked which introductory bonus you’d prefer. It’s at this point you must select the no deposit casino bonus. Once this is completed, you are set to play, with your no deposit casino bonus in hand.

Enjoy & Bank Some Money

Accepting a no deposit casino bonus can be fun. It, however, becomes an issue when you’re not only attempting to win some cash but also beat the bettings and earn cool cash.
There are several online casinos offering the particular bonus so no reason to fret if things fail to according to plan on one of them. Simple switch! Continue trying as few cash is on its way.
Endeavour to always go by the rules and reputable online casinos all the time. Make sure you sign up with a reputable casino to avoid stories that touch after you must have chased those wagering requirements.

Various Types Of No Deposit Bonuses

Several types of no deposit casino bonuses are available to players, such as free spin, free cash, timed bonuses, and bonus codes. Find below how each works.

Free Cash

Here, the casino will offer the player a free “cash” bonus which you can only spend whichever way you desire at the same casino – subject to the casinos given terms and conditions. Meaning free cash can be spent within the casino, but you can’t withdraw the free cash. Before you can withdraw, typically, casinos will add wagering requirements of about 30 times before withdrawal can be done. Most times, you’ll require a huge win while playing to get such money to withdraw for real.

Free Spins

Free Spin is aimed at players who favor slot games. Here, the casino will give a player free spins to use on specific games within their own selection of slots game. Also, you can’t withdraw these winnings instantly as you must meet the requirements put in place before doing that.

Bonus Codes

Here, bonus codes are often sent to players via email or social media, with players able to make claim to the bonus offer after typing in their code into the bonus section of their online account. This section is always found in the same zone in which you can deposit funds into your account. Whether bonus codes come in the form of a free spin or free cash, it is still subject to the usual wagering requirements we are used to by now in this write up.

Timed Bonuses

These types of bonuses are available for a restricted period of time only. Usually for 24-hours or a week. Here the player must use their bonus during this specified period of time, and they must also complete the required wager during the same time if they desire to withdraw this money as real cash. It can also be offered in the form of free play for a short period of time too, such as an hour of unlimited free play.

Is No deposit bonus a Scam?

It might sounds too good to be true, but it’s not a scam. The aim of every online casino is to draw in new customers by all means, so at the start of every year, they set aside funding in their budget to spend to lure new customers to their online casino. Some companies spend such money on promos, advertising or bonus of this nature.

Over time, some casinos have come to realize that giving this money directly to customers in the form of bonuses can achieve what is called a win-win situation. Obviously, casinos intentionally insert the wagering requirements in the playing terms to prevent ‘hit and run’ customers simply registering and walking away with the free money.

Is a No deposit bonus Withdrawable?

As mentioned above, it is very possible to cash out your no deposit bonus or any other bonus eventually, but the casino’s wagering requirements must first be met. It’s impossible to just sign-up, get a casinos bonus, withdraw and walk away with it instantly – otherwise, such casino will fold up in no distance future!

In the case of a no deposit bonus, you must first play through their bonus a couple of set times before withdrawal can be granted.

Wagering requirements in many cases mean you have to spend the equivalent of their bonus offer 30 times before you can withdraw. Meaning winning a little amount from a bonus offered and being able to cash out is very much unlikely. But, if luckily you land a huge prize from your given bonus, you have a greater chance of cashing out some real money from this.

Wrap Up

After all, said and done, it’s important to be very smart when it comes to the No Deposit Bonus.
As we conclude this write-up, it’s important to always remember to check carefully the bonus wagering requirements conditions before you start playing. Another important consideration before you begin playing is if the casino makes it easy and simple to withdraw funds. Always Endeavour to use no deposit bonuses to attempt casinos rather than make more cash.