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Casino bonus

How can it be? Can really offer you the best online casino bonus and a bonus that is even better than what the casino operators offer? Yes, yes and yes! is one of the largest casino guides focusing on the African market. We have thousands of players visiting our site in search of a good deal, an update of certain casino rules, to know more about the newest online casinos or just to read more about a certain online casino. We manage our own marketing and have thus been able to get exceptionally good deals with online casino operators. The online gambling operators want to be seen at our site, but to be able to recommend an online casino to our visitors we want to add real value to you and all other players and we have also set up several criteria that all our partners must meet. Hence, we are in a position to demand and request super deals from the online casino operators that are listed at

Today there is almost a new casino coming online every week. They offer more or less the same range of games, slots, lotto, live casino and in some cases sports betting. Therefore, our job is to really examine the total set up – all from security and payments to, equally important, great bonuses and other super offers. That is why we dedicate this site to online casino bonuses and we will tell you all the details regarding bonuses and how to utilize them in the most efficient way!

Various types of online casino bonus

Initially, we can tell you that there are a lot of different bonuses on the market. It is quite important to understand the differences, as that might affect your play style, what you play and how much you wager.

casino bonus nigeria

The various bonuses you could get are  –

  • Welcome bonus
  • Casino bonus without deposit
  • Casino bonus with deposit (deposit bonus)
  • Reload bonus (Loyalty Bonus)
  • Free Spins
  • Casino bonus on mobile and tablet
  • Cashback bonus

The seven bonuses above are something that today’s online casinos defines and uses in different ways. With some online casino operators, you get a bigger welcome bonus, while some give you some kind of loyalty bonus and more. Therefore, let’s check out the different casino pages, so you can decide what suits you.

Welcome bonus

A welcome bonus can mean and be, in principle, anything. This is your first contact with the online casino provider operating the Nigerian market and they do a lot to make you feel welcome. Hence, you can receive a deposit bonus, a bonus without deposit, etc. But the most common online casino bonus is a combination of deposit bonus and free spin bonus. A lot of times an online casino bonus is triggered at multiple occasions, giving you free spins or money the first five or six times you make a deposit, making this a great offer to online casino players in Nigeria.

If we take Slots Heaven, for instance, you get ₦20,000 and 100 free spins in bonus. Immediately upon registration you get 20 free spins to play. That way you can get to know the site and make sure everything works before you even spend a single naira. Once you make your first real money deposit, they match your deposit making the bonus 100% of what you first deposit. On your second deposit you get additional money and free spins and like that it continues. This is a really generous bonus and really something we at can recommend. As a general rule, you always play with the real money deposited by you before you start using the online casino bonus money.

Casino bonus without deposit

It is hard to argue that this bonus is something anything else than a great deal! Being a bonus, you get just for signing up at an online casino, it is a very accessible bonus for all players. Even if the offers vary a lot, some are really good, and some are only like five free spins, it is a great deal for us players as we really get something for free without having to deposit any money.

Most often, the casino without deposit bonus is about getting free spins immediately after registration, but some gaming companies also offer straight-up money as soon as you register. But if you like free spins, this is no doubt a great online casino bonus for you!

Many gaming sites offer generous casino bonuses to the Nigerian market right after registration to attract new players. Sometimes your casino bonus must be played a number of times before you can withdraw any real money, which can, of course, be a bit difficult, but still, it gives you good value and your playing time is for sure prolonged. To turn around a free bonus is quite easy, but often the casinos set a limit on how much you can win using a no deposit casino bonus in Nigeria.

Nigerian casino bonus with deposit

The most common online casino bonus in Nigeria is the casino bonus you get when you deposit real money into your online casino account. Often this bonus is triggered only when new players are signing up and depositing money at a casino. The casinos try to attract new players to their site using this type of online casino bonus. Even if the casino bonus varies from casino to casino in Nigeria, a very common online casino bonus is the “matching bonus” where the online casino gives you 100% of your deposited money as a bonus. This bonus is often given up to a certain amount. In short, it means that if you deposit ₦40,000 you get ₦80,000 to play for or if you deposit ₦8,000 your playing budget will be ₦16,000.

Of course, there are some online casinos that offer higher bonuses than 100% and we are listing a couple of those casinos here at In other words – the online casino bonus you get when you deposit is the largest you can find in Nigeria.

Reload bonus and loyalty bonus

Some online casinos also offer their players a form of reload bonus, also known as loyalty bonus or cashback bonus. To sum it up, you get money to play on the online casino site or you are awarded additional bonuses or free spins for playing at a certain operator in Nigeria.

A reload bonus usually means a new deposit bonus. This will give you another chance to get extra money in your account when making a deposit. A loyalty bonus is basically the same as reload bonus. This can be more money at a deposit, but you can also get free spins or cash on your account without having to make another deposit. For this reason, it may be good to receive offers via text messages and email to get the latest updates.

Free spins casino bonus in Nigeria

Free spins mean that you get to play free of charge on a particular slot machine. As we mentioned before, many online casinos attract their customers with free spins and at we love them as they provide good value, as well as opens up our eyes to new online casino slots. As there are coming new slots to the African casino market all the time, utilizing free spins is a perfect way of keeping up with the slot trends.

Free spins occur in all sorts of bonuses that we have just gone through. In the welcome bonus and casino bonuses with deposit, you usually get free spins when you deposit money at the online casino (along with playing money of course). Some online casino offers Free Spins already after your registration and in many cases, you get free spins as a kind of loyalty bonus.

Casino bonus on mobile and tablet

Most online casinos also offer casino bonuses on mobile and tablet. And some take the step even further and offer players extra free spins and bonus money when playing on mobile and tablet. At such casinos, all you need to do is to log in and make a deposit via mobile or tablet. Then, just start playing!

Cashback bonus in Nigeria

An increasing number of online casinos in Nigeria offer a cashback bonus. But what does this bonus really mean and how does it work? A cashback bonus is based on the player getting money back. If the player loses a certain amount of gambling, a certain percentage of the money is paid back. In most cases, it is between 5 and 10%, but we have seen Nigerian online gaming companies run higher cashback levels than so. A cashback bonus is primarily for a player who plays a lot. The more you play the more you usually get back which is good as it limits your losses and a boost to come back if you are in a cold streak.

Normally, three different forms of Cashback bonus are offered:

  • Cashback as a welcome bonus;
  • Also cashback for loss games in temporary promotions; and
  • Finally, cashback for winnings in temporary promotions.

Largest Casino Bonus

OK, let’s face it. One question that almost all players ask themselves is – where can I get the largest online casino bonus in Nigeria? And, which casino offers the biggest and best casino bonus? In the online casino world of Nigeria, there are many casinos and some offer extremely big bonuses that you can enjoy when making a first deposit. And we at are here to guide you!

Casino bonus without creating account

A new trend that spreads in the casino world is to play casino without account. Until now we don’t have such online casinos in Nigeria, but we are sure that the technical development will make such fantastic feature accessible within very short.

Playing casino without account means you do not have to register to play. Instead, you make a deposit and identify yourself directly through an online verification method, jointly referred to as an electronic ID or electronic identification. Thus, you can get started with your gambling almost immediately and what is even more positive are the fast payouts – usually, you have the money on your bank account within 15 minutes. Today no online casino in Nigeria offers this great online identification method but we at are sure we will have a no account casino function in Nigeria soon, creating great player value – both in terms of speed, but also in terms of security.

How do I access a bonus using

At we try to make sure that visitors as easily and quickly as possible get to know information about the various casinos and their bonuses. It does not matter if you are at our landing site, at the casino bonus tab or are scrolling among the online gaming providers – there is always a banner close linking to a reliable online casino that we recommend and has passed our high criteria. When you click on such banner you will be transferred to the casino and bonus of your choosing where you follow an easy registration process.

As you understand by now the bonus varies, but all create value for you as a player. Depending on what you like you should choose an online casino bonus type that fits you. There are free spins upon registration and some offer free money, but the most common online casino bonus in Nigeria is the one you receive when you deposit money. Such a bonus is triggered automatically, and you receive the bonus which will show in your player account.

As a final recommendation to you testing different online casino bonuses in Nigeria is that you try many different casinos. It is not only a bonus that creates a good playing experience. A nice design, good customer support and free withdrawals are equally important. Therefore, make sure that both the bonus and all other parts feel good to you. At we guarantee that you will find something you like!