Live Casino Hold’em

Do you love poker but do not have a player? Then Live Casino Hold’em is something for you. At, we are proud to offer you captivating Live Casino Hold’em games, where you can play against some of the best live dealers available. Not only do we offer you a great gaming experience, you also have plenty of chances of interacting with other players at the big Casino Hold’em tables.

Live Casino Hold’em background

Casino Hold’em was developed as an educational tool for Texas Hold’em, but has gained popularity for the game itself. Because it is a game specifically designed to be played against a dealer, it is especially suitable for the live casino environment. You play Live Casino holdem against the house and not against other players. By playing against the house you can relax a little more – the dealer will never bluff or drive you to raise the bet. This is the beauty of the game, and by combining a good strategy with an in-depth knowledge of probability, your winning chances can increase.

live casino hold em

There are many operators offering live casino services that are listed at All of them have Live Casino Hold’em available on both your desktop and all types of tablets – both Apple and Android based. Within just minutes, you can watch a beautiful woman – or a nice guy – sitting in a real casino and sharing your cards. Most players who have tried Live Casino Hold’em games will never return to the old regular virtual games. The feeling is more real and the gaming experience is enhanced by the live environment.

How to play live Casino Hold’em

Live Casino Hold’em is, as stated above, played between you and the dealer. You get in touch with a real dealer who streams directly from a real casino. You can interact with the sensor and with your fellow players. The tables tend to be quite large because there is no limit to the number of players, which makes Live Casino Hold’em a game with a great potential for social interaction. If you are looking to get to know other poker enthusiasts, the Live Casino Hold’em table is a great place to start.

You, and all the other players around the virtual table, make your bets. Thereafter, the dealer deals two closed cards. Followed by with three open cards on the table. The cards in your hand and the ones in the table is used to form your hand. This is exactly like in Texas Hold’em. Depending on your hand, you can choose either to lay or to call. If at least one player calls, add another two open common cards to. Your hand is formed by the best 5 cards and then compared with the dealer’s. If your hand is better than the dealer, you win – no matter what the other players have for hands. Keep in mind that you are playing against the dealer!

Determine your budget

As all experienced players know, you should never play with more money than you can afford to lose. Therefore, it is very important that you set up a budget for yourself before you enter the world of online entertainment. Live Casino Hold’em has a rather small overhaul for the house, and if you are familiar with the various poker hands, it should only take you a moment to adapt to this captivating new game.

As we stated many times, always make use of the bonuses offered! You are smart using bonuses, as they very often double your deposit. Therefore, you can play higher bets and be able to win more, without putting extra money on the table. As long as you continue to lay down when you get bad hands and only play those who will surely beat the dealer, you can get high profits without hurting your bank. Just keep your head cold and play your cards right, without letting anything disturb your concentration.

Strategies for Live Casino Hold’em

As with most casino games, there is no “secure” strategy when it comes to Live Casino Hold’em. You can find great online reading to browse or take a look at our guides to the game. All in all, it’s more about experience and smart moves than anything else. If you have participated in any poker tournaments in the past, it should be fairly easy to create a Live Casino Hold’em strategy that increases your chances of winning. Are you a brand new player? Then it may be wise to find a book or two about game poker in general. Such books can explain most of the different aspects for you.

Several poker genres have written interesting books on the subject. With their knowledge properly depressed in the back you will understand the game at a much deeper level. Come loading this knowledge to our games – we look forward to welcoming you to our Live Casino Hold’em board!