Live Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games available and has long been a base for physical casinos as well as online. The game is entirely about beating the dealer. In the case of traditional versions of the game on online casinos, the dealer has always been a computer. A comfortable solution, but lacking personal touch and excitement that only games against a physical person can provide. Nowadays, thanks to modern technology, it is possible to play Live Blackjack with a live dealer – from your own comfortable home. Playing Live Blackjack at sites recommended by, like these online casinos in Nigeria, gives you the best gaming experience that can not be found anywhere else – we even help you beat the dealer by providing you with tutorials and tips along the way!

What is Live Blackjack?

When playing Live Blackjack, you are in the casino environment. You have eye contact with the dealer and you can see the card game – whether you’re on a train, cook or sit on the balcony. You can be where you want. Blackjack is played live at a casino far away (or close), with you in the midst of the excitement with the help of cameras connected to the network.


Blackjack has a long and interesting story, but combining the game with webcams is relatively new. Adding a social experience to the popular online casinos that have regained the casino industry since the 90’s has been a naturally-expected development from the beginning. But it is only in recent years that the network infrastructure has become capable of maintaining the speed and strength required to handle high quality streaming. Casinos are very focused on quality, so while attempts at live casino systems have been past, it’s only now that you can truly experience it. With increasing internet speeds in Africa, Live Blackjack will be the next big thing for African casino players!

Online vs. live vs. real

There are several amazingly designed digital blackjack games on the market, whether they are the most similar to the original as a simulation. The imaginative versions that use the features of Blackjack as the base of their vision and the technical Blackjack game where you can play thousands of hands in proper trail systems. In a physical casino, each game is a new experience; The dealer may have a good or bad day by chance. The point is that simulation is under definite control but the reality is not. So what does this mean for Live Blackjack? It takes the pieces of Blackjack that you want to be real – the card, the dealer, the table – and controls the rest with software.

Advantages of Live Blackjack

There are countless ways to play Blackjack, some can be quite complicated. The side bets can continue until you bet on the chances of you or the dealer getting some cards on the third hand! But in its simplest form, there is also plenty to keep track of. The software that takes care of the game will help you by showing everything you need to see automatically so that you can focus on your strategy.

You can also choose the dealer you like best. Then sit down in your favourite chair and be sure that the game’s outcome is determined by real cards played by real people.

How to play Live Blackjack

You have probably seen a Blackjack game played sometime, but do not let speed scare you – it’s really a really easy game. At least for the beginner. As with many casino games, it becomes the deeper you get into it.

Ground Rules

Blackjack uses simple addition to calculate the values and multiple card games mixed together. The goal is to reach 21 points by putting together the points of the cards without exceeding 21. All number cards use their own value, from 2-10, and the picture cards count as ten. Ace is the highest card as an eleven, but also the lowest if you want to use it as a one.

The dealer begins the game by dragging two cards for each player and for himself. Getting 21 on these cards is called Blackjack! You can request as many new cards as you want (called “hits”) until your hand is over 21. This usually happens after a few hits so be careful. When you are happy with your hand you can stay. For the dealer the choice is systematic: a hand worth less than 17 forces them to draw a new card and for the sums 17-21 they must stay. You can further complicate a round if you get a duplicate that can be broken to create more hands.

live blackjack

Basic Bets

Every player bets before the first cards are drawn. If you win the round you will get your bet back plus the dealer’s bet. The best result is to get Blackjack right away without the dealer getting it. This rewards you with an extra half bet again on the win. Therefore, if you bet $ 100 you will get your own bet, plus the dealer’s $ 100 and $ 50 extra. Easy!

A typical game

The dealer takes your bet of $ 50 and you get a 10 and a 3. That gives you 13, and the dealer gets 17 and has to stay. You decide to double, which means you only get one card, but doubles your bet before you get a card. The next card you get is a 5, giving you 18 against the dealer’s 17 and you win 200 dollars.