Live casino offer you a guide to the best online casino experience and live casino is forming a big part of online gambling. Online live casino is today the biggest growing vertical of the whole online casino industry and new live casino products are launched on a regular basis. The online casinos are also eager to attract players to the live casino and some are offering a special live casino bonus when you sign up. You might ask yourself why? And we are happy to answer. We compare live casinos in Africa, to give you the best experience and deals!

Online casino has driven the development of the casino industry for the last twenty years. But does online gaming really give us that real casino feeling? We can play from anywhere, but for many players, the simulation is not close enough to reality. While online casinos develop new definitions of what the concept of a true “casino feeling” really means, live casino technology gives us the opportunity to bring together the best of both worlds. A real dealer, real cards, real wheels and modern software with the ability to play from anywhere where you happen to be. This is as close you will ever come to the real casino experience without leaving your own home or wherever you happen to be. Continue reading so we can tell you why you should play live casino today!

How live casino works

Live casino works the same way we carry out a large part of our other day to day communication; through cameras utilising the internet. Webcams at a casino, film a professional dealer, often holding a specialized casino dealer training, and the game is performed as usual. Cards are distributed, wheels spin and everything is broadcasted live online, straight to your computer or mobile. Sometimes the tables are shot by several cameras to further increase the thrill and sense of presence.

Games available in a live casino

Dealers in a live casino do, to a large extent, work like regular dealers and of course you will find all the classic dealer games. These are the big games in a live casino: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker Games played against the house. We have not seen any remote-controlled games with slot machines, though given all the experiments and innovation going on, it’s probably just a matter of time. Also products like Dreamcatcher from Evolution Gaming has entered the market.

You get a lot of new and exciting additions to these games. For the player, the interface is digital, so anything can happen utilizing the computer speed beyond the physical limits of the dealer and the environment. The meta of the games is constantly evolving and new ideas are strengthening the live casino offering with both singleplayer and multiplayer games. For instance, players can bet on each other’s hands, similar to the multi-bet efforts that are common in many digital casino games. We have also seen the rise of e.g. Lightning Roulette which randomly boosts the winnings of various numbers on the table by digital thunder strikes!

Differences between physical and online live casino

While noting the obvious: it is never OK to touch the dealer. But in a real casino you would “be able” to do so. And you could not take a bath at a real casino, but at home you can play from the tub. We think you get the point…

This matter of course is more important than you think. Physical proximity, which any poker player can make a testimony of, greatly affects you. Games available with a live or real dealer, does not change the game’s mathematical output, but it increases the realism. And reality will always be more real than a camera.

So the real difference between real games and online games applies to personal preference. When are you the best player? Dressed up and played for the casino or at home with the head all the way in the game?

Online vs. live – is live casino more random?

So what’s the difference between for example online roulette and live online roulette? The most obvious difference is clearly the fact that a real person spins the wheel in live roulette. But it also affects the game itself.

In digital table games (like a Roulette game), the outcome of the game is controlled by a random number generator (RNG). A RNG is an algorithm, or a series of instructions, designed to generate a long sequence number with random attributes. This number sequence is usually so long that it is impossible to detect a pattern. When you click on the “spin” or “deal” buttons, another random number is generated and that chooses which sequence that is selected. The accuracy of all random number generators is checked externally by a laboratory to ensure that the results are really random and that the players are not cheated. And those test can be trusted. Otherwise the online casinos would lose its customers.

Africacasinos favors live casino

live casino africaAs you can see, this process is very thorough and when you play roulette online you can be sure of a random result. However, this is not enough for all players, since some mean that no programmed RNG is completely random. For old-school casino purists, the difference is huge if there is a real physical wheel used in live roulette and if real physical card games are used in live Blackjack and live casino hold’em.

Should this affect your decision when choosing whether to play live casino games or regular casino games online? We do not think so. Play live casino for the experience, not for the chance of a more random result. Once all is said and done, what will make a real difference to your winning chances is a good strategy – no matter on which table you chose to adapt it.

Most of us at enjoy the live casino offering and it gets better for each year. Some other like online slot machines and some also prefer the traditional digital table games. We are a group of gamblers that all like various things, always aiming on giving you the best information possible of the full range of casino games. But one thing is sure – the technology creating the live casino environment is really getting up to a high standard. Therefore, regardless if you are a hardcore slots player you should definitely try online live casinos in Africa.

Benefits of online live casino

We all tackle crowds, noise and disturbing elements differently, but removing all such elements no doubt makes it easier to get into the game itself and to focus on an online casino. When nobody sees us we are definitely more relaxed. The live casino allows you to get the best of both worlds, the real spins and card but in an online setting, and lets you choose where and when to play. You decide which dealer you want, how, why and when to bet.

The features available in digitally enhanced live casino games are endless and under constant development. It is online where you can see Blackjack change after being the same for hundreds of years. Because you can do so much more at the same time with digital help. Bet on everyone’s hands, five times, who wins, who loses who gets an ace – just to name a few.

And the technology has so much more to offer. While everyone is focusing on the next Virtual Reality casino, we have not even seen how Augmented Reality can improve the online video productions and the games we play. Or just make it more exciting with a green screen behind the dealer for that matter. Playing in Siberia? No problem. Wanting to change the snow to Hawaii? Just a click away. The concepts themselves are still at the old school stage and we can hardly say what happens next. Whatever it is, you can be sure we will keep up to speed with the latest online casino news!

Start playing live casino

Open an account with some of the online live casinos in our list for free and start playing. You will also get a high bonus for trying the live casino tables with some operators. After you become a member, select the game you want to play or try out. Congratulations, you are now one step closer to becoming a real live casino pro! Going forward, you want to learn the strategy of the table games to increase your chances of winning. Therefore, check out our great guides laying down the best strategies for playing live casino.

All our guides come with helpful explanations for each part of the game, especially useful if you are a beginner. But we also provide some more advanced tips and strategies that will enhance your chances of winning on online casinos even more!

Common mistakes and some live casino tips

As a beginner at a live casino, it’s easy to fall into classic traps. Once, all seasoned casino players were also beginners and take their advice to sidestep the pitfalls. One basic tip is to set limits and follow them, never to play for money that you have not budgeted for. This increases the risk that you will try to recover any lost money – which in turn usually leads to even bigger losses.

It is also important to check the rules and winning tables for different bets in the game before you start playing. Rules may differ between different versions of a game and therefore it is important to keep track of what is applicable. You should also keep an eye on the promotions and offers offered by the online casino operator. That way you will get most winning chances for the money deposited. Take part of these to get more to play for, but always note any requirements and other terms that accompany the bonus.

A live casino adds a social aspect missing in regular online casino games. This interaction creates both more entertainment and excitement, but be sure to follow your own strategy. With the more realistic feelings, the risk is that you make calls that is not part of your strategy. Do not let the other players influence your decisions and control your game.

Gambler’s Fallacy

Another general rule that applies to random based casino games is to avoid the so-called Gambler’s Fallacy (or the Monte Carlo Fallacy). This is the idea that the chance that a certain outcome will occur increases when the opposite outcome occurs repeatedly. Most easily illustrated using Roulette and even money bets. Many players mistakenly believe that since the ball has landed in red one, two, three or ten consecutive times, chances are that it will now end up in black. Unfortunately, this idea is completely wrong. The ball or β€œthe chance” has no memory of previous outcomes. For each new round the odds are therefore the same as for the previous round.

Tips for Roulette

If you belong to the type of players who pay attention to statistics and repayment percent, you should choose to play French or European Roulette. These variants of Roulette have a better repayment rate compared to American Roulette because of its double zero and some other advantageous rules in favour of the player in French and European Roulette.

Tips for Baccarat

Baccarat is a fast paced game and for a beginner in a live casino it is important to pay attention. A smart tip is to practice Baccarat with play money before you start playing with real money. It allows you to learn the rules in a risk-free. That will give you the best preparations when you want to switch to real money!

Tips for Blackjack

Do not stay on a soft hand of 17 in Blackjack. A soft 17 means that the hand contains an Ace which is counted as 11. In that situation, it is always a smart move to ask one to card, because the Ace can be counted also as 1 if you get a card higher than 5.