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mCHEZA – Online Casino and Betting

mCHEZA is one of the most outstanding casino and betting companies straddling the online sports betting industry space in Kenya. When mCHEZA birthed in the online sports betting space in December 2015, it marked a turning point in the industry. The new entrant brought in new verve and dynamism to spice up the burgeoning sports betting industry in Kenya. mCHEZA casino is a welcome addition to the offering and in the casino, you can find some of the highest casino bonuses and promotions at the Kenyan market.

mCHEZA is run by Acumen Communications Limited who set it up in 2015 to give Kenyans a creative outlet designed to enhance their online sports betting experience. By joining forces with the very renowned online casino and betting provider Intralot, they signed a 10 year cooperation agreement for the Kenyan online gambling market.  It started out as an SMS-based sports betting platform before switching to the internet-based online mode. Since then, mCHEZA grown in leaps and bounds and it is now a darling of the online sports betting community in Kenya.

  • Best tech platform in the world
  • Quick depoits with M-Pesa
  • Built for Kenya
50% Payout on Multibets

mCHEZA Registration

Getting started on the mCHEZA online sports betting platform is easy. A prospective subscriber should just log on to the mCHEZA website (use “Play Now” links for the best offers). On the homepage of the website, there is a “Join” button that activates the registration process. A click of the “Join” button will usher the subscriber into the registration environment. On the registration page, the subscriber will be required to fill a form providing details about the subscriber. The requested information includes:

  • Player’s first and last name
  • Player’s full residential address
  • Player’s valid e-mail address
  • Player’s date of birth
  • Player’s phone number
  • A username
  • A password

Once the relevant information has been supplied and verified, an account is created for the subscriber.

mCHEZA Kenya

Deposits at mCHEZA

To play on the platform, a subscriber has to fund the account that was created through the registration process. Deposits are made into mCHEZA accounts through Safaricom’s MPESA mobile money services. The subscriber proceeds to the deposits section of his account page and clicks on the “Deposits” button. This action will redirect the subscriber to a page where he will insert reference name or number, account number and phone number. A confirmation request will be sent to the phone number provided by the subscriber during the process of registration. The request is confirmed by entering the MPESA PIN into the field provided for it and clicking okay. Both MPESA and mCHEZA will send confirmation messages to the subscriber once the payment is confirmed.


Withdrawing funds from the account are just about as important as putting money into the subscriber. To this end, mCHEZA has tried to make the withdrawal process as uncomplicated as possible. Withdrawal is initiated by surfing to the withdrawal section of the withdraw environment. There are fields requiring the subscriber to fill in reference number, the amount to be withdrawn, and phone number here. mCHEZA processes the request as soon as received. Confirmation messages from MPESA and mCHEZA will be sent to the subscriber to confirm the success of the transaction.

What sports are available to play on mCHEZA?

The regular staple of betting in Kenya is sports-based and mCHEZA is no exception in this regard. mCHEZA is one platform that is well stocked with a vast selection of sports for its teeming subscribers to feast on. The platform has gone to great lengths to ensure that whatever sporting event catches the fancy of its subscribers is readily available all year round. Some of the sports offered on mCHEZA include:




3*3 basketball


Ice hockey

Rugby league




Greco-Roman wrestling





Auto racing


Freestyle wrestling

Winter sports

It should be noted that mCHEZA doesn’t just restrict itself to sports alone, it also has betting on politics, TV shows, movies and The Oscars.

European football on mCHEZA

Football is generally regarded as the king of sports globally and it is no different in Kenya. mCHEZA understands this key fact and gives football a special spot in its pantheon of sports offerings. European football is a regular staple on sports betting platforms and mCHEZA is not left out. The major European leagues featuring the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, and the French Ligue Un are all well represented in the football markets served by mCHEZA. It is not just the major leagues that are served on mCHEZA, leagues from all corners of Europe are also available on the platform. The Swedish Allsvenskan, Turkish Super Lig, Danish Super Liga, Polish Ekstraklasa, Norwegian Eliteserien also make the European football markets on mCHEZA. It would be practically impossible to reel out all the European football markets featured on mCHEZA in this short piece.

European club football is not restricted to only league format competitions. There are inter-club competitions such as the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. Europe’s finest clubs congregate in those competitions to find out which is the best every year. mCHEZA has those competitions covered in its football betting markets serving the action hot to its subscribers. There are also games from the lower divisions of those countries, youth and female football games too. The English Championships is one particularly interesting example of a lower division which is a particularly interesting example of a lower division which is particularly popular with subscribers. Most of the big European sides field female teams too and female football is turning out to be a big draw. mCHEZA has markets covering all the divisions highlighted.

Football from other federations on mCHEZA

Football is followed religiously globally and every affiliate confederation of FIFA offers exciting football competitions too. mCHEZA covers all the markets from different federations from around the globe on its platform. In South America, the Brazilian Campeonato, Argentine Primera Division and Paraguayan Primera Division are some of the markets covered. From the Asian confederation, the Australian A-League, Japanese J-League, Saudi Arabian Premier League are some of the featured federations. North and Central America serves up American Major League Soccer, Mexican Primera Division, and the Jamaican National Premier League. South Africa’s Premier Soccer League and the Kenyan Premier League are some of the African federations represented on the mCHEZA platform.

Inter-club competitions from those various federations also provide rich football market pickings on mCHEZA. South America’s premier inter-club competitions, the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana feature prominently. Asia serves up the Asian Champions League as its key inter-club offering on mCHEZA. Africa contributes the CAF Champions League and the CAF Confederations Cup to the mCHEZA club football markets. The CONCACAF Champions League and the OFC Champions League feature on the mCHEZA football books from North and Central America and Oceania respectively.

International football on mCHEZA

International football is periodic, its competitions are not as nonstop as what we have with club football. However, whenever international football features on the FIFA calendar, you can rest assured that mCHEZA has it covered. The FIFA World Cup is the most glamorous competition on the calendar holding in quadrennial cycles. mCHEZA has all the games at the tournament proper and the qualifying series for it covered. FIFA’s international football calendar is stacked with competitions which include its age-grade developmental tournaments. The Under-20 and Under-17 World Cup have their games and qualifying tournaments covered in mCHEZA’s football markets. Female football is not left out of the action with the Female World Cup, the Under-20, and Under-17 Female World Cup featuring on mCHEZA.

Other sports on mCHEZA

mCHEZA has a bouquet of sports offerings to cater for every betting state on its platform. The steady stream of tennis tournaments ranging from grand slams to ATP and WTA events are covered on the website. Basketball’s big following means the NBA, Eurobasket, and FIBA organized events also have their place in the line-up of mCHEZA markets. Kenya has a strong volleyball tradition and it is a testament to this that volleyball also figures very strongly in the line-up of sports on the platform. American sports like ice hockey, baseball, and American football are not left out of the array of sports for the betting pleasure of mCHEZA’s subscribers. There are markets for crickets which also happens to be a very popular sport in Kenya. Table tennis, badminton, auto racing, motorbikes, and a slew of winter sports make up the exciting sports market on mCHEZA.

mCHEZA casino

Like all standard online sports betting platform, mCHEZA has a string of interesting casino games available on its platform. There is a wide selection of games ranging from 3-D games, table games, blackjack, roulette, and slot games on offer. The games are managed by a Random Number Generator (RNG), which is a computer program that randomly generates results for online casinos. On the mCHEZA casino, every rolled dice, card dealt, and number generated is produced by the program. This eliminates the risk of unrealistic duplication, predictability, or manipulation of the process. Subscribers can get on the casino groove by registering on the mCHEZA casino page.

The Jackpot

Jackpots are some of the biggest attractions found on online sports betting platforms. mCHEZA has provided one of the more exciting jackpot games on offer in the Kenyan sports betting industry. The mCHEZA jackpot offering consists of 7games on which certain specified outcomes have to be called correctly. Some of the specified outcomes include 1×2 outcomes and under or under a given number of goals. mCHEZA’s jackpot is a daily offering with a starting prize of Ksh1m which grows daily, reverting back to Ksh1m on Monday. If there are multiple winners, the jackpot is shared amongst them. The minimum jackpot bet price paid by a subscriber for a single entry is Ksh50.

mCHEZA Bonuses and Promotions

mCHEZA rewards its valued subscribers with mouthwatering bonuses and inviting promo offers. Of the array of interesting bonuses on mCHEZA, the multibet bonus is particularly eye-catching and captivating. The multibet bonus rewards subscribers who have multiple bets of no less than five games on their betslip. Each of the games on the multibet slip is required to carry odds of no less than 1.5 to qualify for the bonus. Subscribers can win up to 150% of their winnings as bonuses in the promo offer. mCHEZA also grants bonuses to subscribers who invite their buddies to register and play on the platform. Invite bonuses are given to the subscribers who invite friends when such invited friends register and play at least thrice on the platform.

mCHEZA mobile

mCHEZA Platform

mCHEZA is one of those new online sports betting firms giving Kenyans unrivalled value for their money in the industry. The platform provides pregame betting services, live or in-game betting services, virtual sports betting, and casino services. mCHEZA started out by offering only pregame sports betting through SMS when it commenced operations. However, it has since kicked on and moved into the internet-based online sports betting platform it is now. The platform offers a plethora of sports and betting markets from around the world to subscribers to its services. Subscribers have also been offered the choice of engaging pregame or as the action unfolds through the live betting services of the platform. The platform also operates a jackpot that gives subscribers the chance to win a mega sum of money on a daily basis.

Technical excellence

mCHEZA’s entry into the online gaming industry in Kenya has revolutionized the betting industry in the land. The Acumen Communication Limited-run platform operates using the technical setup of iFlex, which is one of INTRALOT’s highly technical casino and sportsbetting solutions. iFlex gives mCHEZA the possibility one of the best technical solutions in the world. mCHEZA has through the use of this platform being able to provide complete betting management through a user-friendly interface. The features of iFlex’s solution include Mobile Native Application, which will be ably supported by iGaming console. A very sophisticated CRM-system is also integrated into mCHEZA’s iFlex platform. Those solutions have ensured that mCHEZA provides seamless and hassle-free betting services to its teeming pool of subscribers.

Customer care, security, and assurances

mCHEZA is registered with the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya (BCLB) of Kenya. This ensures that their operations and activities are carried out to the highest standards and dictates of the industry. Besides, they goes out of its way to adhere to global best practices in the conduct of its business in Kenya. mCHEZA displays a high level of corporate responsibility in dealing with its treasured and highly valued subscribers. Dedicated customer care lines are available to receive and respond to customer concerns. mCHEZA can also be reached via e-mail via [email protected]. Around the clock live support service is also available in the form of a live chat service on the website.

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