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Offering deposit methods is one of the biggest challenges for Kenyan online betting sites and casinos, most especially for punters who do not have credit cards or bank accounts access. Allowing players to make payments or fund their accounts via mobile money solution seems to be one of the best solutions to this problem. One of the several operators of such banking services is MPesa.

This payment platform permits players to make online payments by saving funds in an e-wallet account, which could be later transferred to fund your online betting account. This mobile money service is a safe and secure way to move funds. This has become especially famous in some countries in Africa.

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Launched in the year 2007, M-Pesa is owned by mobile phone operator Vodafone. At the initial stage, the mobile money service was made for use on Vodacom and Safaricom – Kenya and Tanzania’s largest mobile network operators. And there is currently a deal between the two companies that will form a joint venture over the M-Pesa intellectual rights. The service was initially rolled out to provide a payment solution that will allow users to store money and make the transfer in the absence of banking networks. Back then, the service acts as a mere banking service for a lot of its users.

As time goes by, the network grew and spread to a number of African countries. Alongside Afghanistan, South Africa, and India this payment service has also recently spread to Albania and Romania.

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What you must know about M-Pesa

This mobile money platform allows users to move funds using their mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. Interestingly, anyone can use this service even if you have no access to a regular bank account. 

The mobile service is specially designed to make it possible for customers to save, send, and receive funds via their mobile phones safely. This reduces the risk of theft and street robbery. The payment platform allows users of the service to make a deposit and cash out, as well as transfer money, pay bills, and top-up. The service is most popular in the East African country where it is now a common payment option for betting sites that accept players from Kenya.

MPesa – How it works?

Residence of Kenya can use this mobile money service by following the simple steps below:

  • Visit an authorized agency to register for an M-Pesa account
  • Deposit cash in exchange for digital money using the accredited agent.
  • Transferred funds to family and friends. 

Once the process is completed, both parties will get a confirmation SMS of the amount of money that has been moved.

How to Use MPesa for online betting

For users that intend to fund their online betting account through M-Pesa, you will need to visit an agent of M-Pesa and deposit cash with the agent. In the process of exchanging cash with digital money, you will have to provide some information about yourself, including mobile number. Once your M-Pesa account is fully loaded, follow the steps below to fund your online betting account via M-Pesa:

  • Visit the menu section of the M-Pesa menu on your mobile phone
  • Choose pay bill
  • Enter business number (Typically provided by your online betting site)
  • Enter account number of online casino or username
  • Enter deposit amount 
  • Enter your Unique M-Pesa PIN
  • Press ‘Send’.

A confirmation SMS will be sent by the casino confirming the successful completion of the transaction.

It’s important to note that the banking process may vary a bit depending on your favorite betting site, so always ensure to read through the terms at the online betting site first to get the details regarding the M-Pesa payment from the customer service section of the betting site.

Can I use MPesa?

This mobile money service is only available in 10 countries for now, including; Democratic Republic of Congo, Albania, Ghana, Egypt, India, Lesotho, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Romania.

You will only be eligible to use M-Pesa if only you reside in the 10 countries listed above. Residence of those countries can visit an accredited M-Pesa agent, and deposit cash. It must, however, be noted t but be aware that just residing in those countries does not necessarily mean you will be able to use the service to fund your online betting account. Basically, the usage of M-Pesa to fund your online betting account solely depends on the betting laws in your region or country and the baking options accepted by the betting site.

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M-Pesa Charges & Safety

Unlike payment options such as debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets or bank transfers which are absolutely free to use to fund your betting account, deposit with M-Pesa attracts some transaction charges. The fees charged depends solely on your deposit amount and whether the betting site you are paying accepts M-Pesa service on its platform.

It will interest you to know that using the M-Pesa service for deposit is absolutely secure and safe. It is also a quick way to deposit money with rest of mind as you need not worry about cybercriminals. Mind you, payment cannot be intercepted as the whole process is offline.

Mpesa Summary

Just like its main rival in Kenya, Airtel Money, M-PESA runs round the clock and permits you to make fast, hassle-free and easy payments, money transfer and bills payment. The process is simple and easy. Simply visit an authorized agent.

The fact that M-Pesa offers users basic banking services makes it gambler number one choice in Kenya. No wonder this financial institution has taken root in developing countries.

Aside from being very useful to fund your account quickly and safely, it can also be used to withdraw, and can also help save funds.

The only drawback we’ve identified here is the limits on transactions. It tends to below. This, however, varies by market, and will only affect players that stake a high amount.

The pros of this mobile money platform seem to outnumber its cons, making it an ideal payment platform for all players and gamblers to make deposits and withdrawals.

What are you waiting for? jump on the train today and start making convenient transfers!

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  • Airtel and M-Pesa
  • Play in Kenyan Shilling (KSh)
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