Casino Bonus Kenya 2021

Casino bonus has become a big part of the competitive Kenyan betting market. Everyone is looking and hoping to win and win big whenever they deposit their cash to play their favourite online casino game. Whether a first-time player or a ‘professional’ gambler, fingers are always crossed and adrenaline levels are always at their peak the moment you spin that wheel or select those ‘lucky’ numbers. Well, you may not always strike the jackpot but you can benefit from a range of bonus products. Online casino bonus is today a big part of the marketing budget for online casinos. Competition has led to a position where we, the players, are the ones that are courted by the operators. By offering a good casino bonus they make us happy and we stay on their site longer!

The bonuses have a variety of benefits to the player which we will see below. The point is is here to make Kenyan players’ gambling experience memorable. We are here to give you a memorable casino bonus 2021 experience that will keep you spinning those wheels even longer! At we offer you deals that cannot even match the online gambling operators themselves! All you have to do is follow the links highlighted below to claim your personal Kenyan online casino bonus! Do that and you will keep coming back, that’s a guarantee.

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Best casino bonus in Kenya 2021

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It may not seem realistic from where you stand, but take it from us, is here to give you offers that will blow your mind. You also heard it right; our offers do beat those offered by the online site themselves. Do not worry about the logistics of that, worry about the exceptional bonus offers that you are going to get once you get on board. has got immense traffic from thousands of patrons all over the African continent who are looking for the bonus experience 2021. It is also visited by an equally high number of players who are seeking all sorts of information. This includes various site rules and regulations, bonus offers by different online gambling platforms, how to play different games, which is the newest online casino and a lot of general information. This is all information that helps the player make the right choices when choosing a site to patron and game to play. You stand a better chance of winning when you know what you are doing as opposed to strictly trying your luck; it runs out sometimes!

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The bonus variations

There are thousands of online casinos with lots of different games and offers on the same.  Most of the content in terms of games may be similar on most sites. However, rules and regulations may vary slightly depending on the laws of the country and other determining factors. takes the initiative to weigh all this in and make a determination on how to make the best out of different sites. We are here to help you win.

You can thus rest assured that we know what we are talking about when we tell you we are here to get you the best bonus deals. We also help you navigate the utilization of the different bonus offers to give you the best chance of winning using the same.

There different types of bonuses and most of these are found across multiple sites. They include:

  • Free bonus
  • Deposit bonus
  • Cashback bonus
  • Free Spins
  • Mobile and tablet bonus
  • Welcome bonus

We will have a look at each of them just to help you understand what they mean.

online casino bonus kenya

Make sure always to claim all possible bonuses. That will increse your chances of wining and make you gambling experience longer!

Welcome bonus

This bonus is meant to entice potential patrons to a particular site.  It is also meant to make you feel welcome to the site. The details of this bonus may vary from site to site. The deals are different and may come in the form of a deposit bonus, where you receive your welcome bonus by making your first deposit. It could be a free bonus where you simply have to register with the site, give your payment details and receive a bonus on your account.

The welcome bonus may also include free takes or spins on different games, perhaps not those of your choice, but free all the same. In most cases, it will include a package of two or more offers. The welcome bonus is meant to get you acquainted to the casino and try out the different games. It is meant to eliminate the feeling that you are spending on what you do not know well. While the spins are limited to certain games, the currency bonus will in most cases allow you to sample several games.

It is assumed that you will be well acquainted with the site and the different products on offer by the time you exhaust your bonus. If you like what you see then you will definitely be back, and that is the hope. Some of the top online casino platforms in Kenya include Betway, Jackpot city, Ruby fortune, Gaming club and Spin casino which offer a welcome bonus of between Ksh. 5,000 and Ksh. 100,000. The terms and conditions as per each site may vary slightly but the principle is the same across the board. is here to help you understand what these bonuses mean and how to make the best out of them.

Deposit bonus

Just as the name suggests, this is a bonus that comes with a cash deposit, normally with a minimum deposit set in order to get the bonus. Like the welcome bonus, the terms and conditions may vary from site to site but you stand to gain all the same in all instances.

The online casino deposit bonus will require you to make your cash deposit to the site after which your bonus will reflect, whether as a sum of both the cash deposit and the bonus or on a separate panel on the page. The terms of use may be changed from time to time depending on the current marketing strategy of the casino. The bonus could be general meaning you can use it for any game on the site, or it could be conditional meaning you can only use it for certain games. The conditionality of the bonus may also include a certain time frame within which you need to have used the same or lose out.

Free bonus

This may well be the bonus jackpot. This type of bonus normally comes as a surprise and suddenly reflects on your account. In this case, the casino randomly draws accounts and rewards these with this bonus. The bonus may also be selected based on given criteria at a particular time. In this instance, particular accounts are identified because of certain characteristics such as continued activity, in which case it also qualifies as a loyalty bonus.

A free bonus means you do not have to have taken any action on your account to qualify for the same. It is pre-determined based on a totally different set of factors that do not require you to play a game, make a bet or deposit at the particular time of awarding the bonus. A free casino bonus also has conditions for its use and may or not be limited to certain games. You will also have to use the bonus within a specified time period.

Because you are not expecting the bonus, you will normally receive a text message on the number you used during registration, an email or both. This is to make sure you know about the bonus even if you may not have logged on to the online casino for a while.

Loyalty bonus

Just like in big stores that have different loyalty awards, online casinos have the same in the form of a loyalty bonus. The difference is that it is not guaranteed like other loyalty programs where, for example, you have a loyalty card that accumulates points which you can redeem whether periodically or at any given time. The casino will at a convenient time, say during a campaign to award loyal patrons, give out a loyalty bonus to clients who are consistent on the site or clients who spend a given average amount of cash on the site within a given time frame.

kenya bonus promotions online casino

This bonus is more of a way of showing appreciation for the continued relationship between the platform and its clients. It is also a way of encouraging that relationship to continue. It is viewed as a win-win situation for both parties. There are terms and conditions to be observed just like in any other bonus awarded and it is key to the patron to observe the same.

Free spins casino bonus

You may get a bonus that gives you a particular number of free spins on a particular game. This could be either during a paid spin that lands on a free-spin slot, or could come in the form of a free bonus or loyalty bonus. This means you do not have to be playing any game at the particular time that the bonus is awarded.

If the bonus is awarded during a game then you have to use it immediately, whether or not your paid spins are over. In the case it takes the form of loyalty or free bonus, then the usual terms and conditions apply just like in other bonuses.

Cashback bonus

This can be considered a consolation price in many cases. A casino platform may guarantee a certain percentage of the total amount placed on a particular game if the player loses. This kind of bonus is meant to console the loser and help top up for the next game. This bonus is usually awarded as soon as the game is over to encourage you to play another immediately.

There are few limitations to the use of a cash back bonus as it is considered to be a refund of your own money spent on a particular game. It would normally also require you to top up for use in another game. It is usually not a 100% refund and is not enough to place another bet or play another game. As such you can use it when you please. Kenyan casinos normally offer a cash back bonus of between 5 and 20% depending on the site and games played.

Big bonuses

Everyone is looking for money when they log into an online casino. The bigger the bonuses the more attractive the site seems. Most casino sites in Kenya offer impressive bonuses to keep up with the competition. As illustrated in ‘welcome bonus’ above. The bonuses in that particular case range from Ksh. 5,000 to 90,000 which is quite impressive. There is money to be won and we are here to show you how.

No account cash bonus

This is a new concept that targets people who do not want to register on online casinos for one reason or the other. You simply use a particular identification method on the site to prove your identity after which you can play without having to create an account.

This bonus is normally transferred to your payment platform, say Paypal, after which you can withdraw to your wallet of choice as supported by Paypal.

If you are looking for even more casino bonus make sure to come back to and don’t forget that you can always get a high casino bonus by signin up to a new casino!


There are several bonuses offered on online casinos in Kenya and the terms and conditions slightly vary from site to site. You need to understand the different bonuses, how to use them an and the terms and conditions that accompany each. This way you will make the best out of the same.

At we have managed to earn ourselves a very good profile and ranking so online gambling platforms are scrambling for space on our site. To get that space, the party has got to give our patrons, in turn, a very good deal. Our positioning allows us to dictate a set of rules and regulations that must be followed and which in turn benefit our patrons big time.