Live Betting in Kenya 2021

Live betting or what is called in-play betting or betting in running is the betting activity that takes place after a game or event has commenced. It is a type of betting that the advent of online sports betting has made possible. Traditionally, the type of betting that punters staked on were pre-game or pre-event bets. Once the action kicks off, bets were locked in and that marked the end of betting activities related to the game or event. The advent of the internet, live streaming, and online sports betting has changed all that and made running play betting possible. A punter that has an internet enabled device and data can now join in the fun and excitement of in-play betting.

It was only a matter of time before online sports betting platforms wizened up to the possibility of in-play betting. Any keen observer at a game who had seen friends seated next to one another trying to play Nostradamus by predicting the course of events in the game would have caught the subtle hint of in-play prediction at work there. With the advent of the internet and the quickening of data services, a whole lot more people were birthed into the in-game forecasting experience. At that point, what completed the cycle of the fun of in-play forecasts turning into a financial activity was online sports betting platforms tapping into it. The various activities covered in those games were adapted to bet types for live betting and business took off.

Live betting has revolutionized the betting industry

Live betting has revolutionized the way we bet, offering limitless action and opportunities to the punter. Rather than just betting pre-game and going off to await the outcome of the event, in-play betting allows the punters to stay on the action and bet as the game ebbs and flows. Betting action in live betting keeps betting markets open on an event until the event reaches its denouement. In-play betting has created an incredible number of events and bets types for punters to stake on. There is an endless cycle of events that immediately becomes available for betting on as a preceding one is resolved. The experience is immersive and exciting, and it is literally one of the best things to happen to sports betting.

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Advantages of live betting

Live betting comes with numerous advantages, in its stand-alone capacity and as a complement to the traditional pre-game betting. What I consider as the biggest advantage of running play betting is the ability to see some parts of the event unfold before committing money on a stake. A punter sees the trends and how the game is swinging before betting to take advantage of the ebb and flow. The pre-game prognosis for a match might indicate that a team is favored to take a win, however, over the course of the game, the performance of the team may not match pre-game expectations. A punter who has seen the way the game is panning out will be able to make bets reflective of the dynamics of the game. Another advantage of live betting is the constant stream of new bet windows being opened as one is settled.

Since live bets could be settled in minutes and new ones opening simultaneously, it provides the opportunity to make good on losses incurred immediately. The changing of odds of in-game betting could also provide a punter the chance to obtain higher odds for an outcome available on pre-game bets. To illustrate this point, we consider a situation where Team A is favored to win a football game. The pre-game odds for a winning outcome for Team A as favorites would be low. However, if Team A concedes a goal before the quarter of the game is up, the live odds for a Team A win would automatically reflect that setback and shoots up. A punter who is still convinced about a win for team A can go into the running play betting market and bet on a win at much higher odds than what it would have been pre-game.

In-play betting markets

In-play betting is suited to most sports markets available on online sports betting platforms. The adaptability of most markets available traditional betting in traditional betting markets highlight the exciting opportunities that live betting presents. On most weekends and midweeks, online sports betting platforms serving up live betting have a surfeit of action from Europe’s top leagues. The action is not restricted to the top leagues of Europe, leagues from as far afield as Oceania, Asia, South America, and Africa also feature prominently. International competitions for both males and females feature in the live betting markets too. The big inter-club competitions from the various confederations form part of the ticking action of live betting.

Actions from other sports also feature prominently in the bouquet of live betting offerings on betting platforms. Basketball features very prominently in the live betting markets. The fast-paced and relentless action from the courts feeds the appetite of the live betting buffs. Exciting action from tennis courts is also suited to the dynamic nature of in-play betting. The round by round nature of boxing contests creates natural bet markets for in-play betting. Cricket also touches base in the live betting market with the nature of play in the sport. Rugby, American football, baseball, table tennis, ice hockey, volleyball, futsal, and motor racing are some of the sports that feature on the live betting markets of the bigger online sports betting platforms.

Live football betting

Football is the most popular sports market in online sports betting platforms, it also happens to be the most popular in the live betting market too. The range of actions that elicits instantaneous betting is staggering. Once an open bet is resolved on the live football betting platform, another betting market opens immediately. As the game ebbs and flows, the betting odds on offer changes to match the dynamics of the game. Some of the events of a football match whose constant changing nature provides in-play betting action include:

  • Final result
  • Next team to score
  • Next player to score
  • Nature of next goal (header, left foot shot, right foot shot, penalty, free kick, own goal)
  • Time of next goal
  • Time of next booking
  • Who wins the rest of the match
  • Correct score
  • Next player to get booked
  • Form of next set piece
  • Team to win next corner
  • Team to win next throw-in
  • Team to win next set piece

The list above is just a small tip of the iceberg of the bet types available in live football betting, the list can’t be exhausted here. It is for the punter to get on an online betting platform and see what suits him from the plethora of available options.

Live betting strategies

Like all endeavors, live betting requires its own strategies too. The first thing is to understand the odds movement in live betting and how to and how to exploit it for maximum advantage. This could allow you to make bets that counter an initial one that will reduce the loss margin to a manageable level and make money if the preferred bet comes through. Another key point to note for a punter who plays live betting is the need to be immersed in the action over the course of the game. The best bet is to be live at the event as it enables the punter to pick up cues and events not picked up by the cameras that could impact on the results. If it is not feasible to be present at the game, a live stream or live TV coverage would do.

It is also important for the punter to choose a website that is navigable and whose interface the punter knows like the palm of his hands. In-play betting is instantaneous, and odds change within the blink of an eye, to exploit any situation the punter would have to be quick to the draw. Proper knowledge of the interface and how to locate what would be crucial to the punter being quick with his reaction to any developing situation. One other good strategy to adopt for in-play betting is to bet in the traditional pre-game markets on the game the punter wants to engage for live betting. This helps the punter to study the game and have enough information and knowledge about the characteristics of the teams he is staking on. The pre-game understanding of the teams involved helps the punter react appropriately to developing situations in the game.

The best sites for in-play betting

A key requirement for live betting is a fast and responsive site. It is important that before choosing a site for general betting activities, the potential subscriber should have searched for a safe and secure site to register and deposit with. It is important at this stage to take a thorough look at the features of the sites under consideration and pick the one with the best running play betting interface. Betting sites vary in the size of the markets, events, and variety of bet types they offer. Therefore, proper scrutiny of their in-play capabilities is needed before a subscriber interested in live betting signs up. The writer has taken time to study the betting sites available in Kenya and their in-play betting features. Below is a concise summary of some of the ones with the best in-play capabilities

Sportspesa is the largest online sports betting platform in Kenya, and the Sportspesa live betting section ticks all the right boxes for a good live betting site. Betin is another site that gives premium live betting action, its Betin in-play betting section is pretty well developed and efficient. 1XBET Kenya has one of the best running play betting services in the Kenyan online sports betting industry. Betway Kenya is another site that we can’t do without mentioning due to the fact that it has an excellent live betting platform. The live betting experience on Sportybet is also a satisfying one, providing a great experience with its in-play services. Dafabet, Kwikbet, and SaharaGames are some of the more excellent betting sites providing great in-play services to subscribers. Punters can learn more by zipping through the available betting sites in Kenya.

Live football betting tips

Football is the most active and the biggest market on sports betting platforms. It follows that the live football betting section would also be the favorite action spot for punters on such platforms. As it is with pre-game betting, punters would value some sort of help with their betting activities in in-play betting too. Though livebetting is more fluid and dynamic than pre-game betting and it would be thought as less suitable to predictions and tips. Expert tipsters and live football betting predictions sites offer services modified to suit the fast and furious nature of live betting. Live football betting tips and live football predictions sites just like those offering pre-game tips and predictions promise accurate betting for best returns to the subscriber. There are a host of those live football betting tips and live football predictions sites proliferating on the internet.

General live betting advice

Live betting has been an exciting new feature of online betting sites, ever since it was introduced on the Bet365 online sports betting platform. It has brought a frenetic excitement to the betting industry keeping the betting pundit on the edge of his seat over the entire duration of the game. One key requirement for exploiting the in-play betting market is the availability of superfast internet services. The fast-changing nature of the odds in-play betting needs fast internet services to keep up with. Any punter who wants to play in its multiple markets and events should ensure that they have sound knowledge of the events they want to stake their hard earned money on. It is also advisable to limit the number of in-play events the punter is staking on to a manageable number. This will help keep an eye on the frenetic changes taking place in the betting dynamics.