1X2 Kenya

1X2 is one of the most basic bet types available on an online sports betting platform. It simply requires a punter to predict the outcome of a game correctly to win a bet. Choosing 1 implies that the punter is staking on the team listed first or the home team scoring a win. X is a stake on a match ending as a draw. 2 is a stake on the second listed team or the away team nicking a win. This is the most traditional mode of betting until recent innovations by betting companies widened the bet types punters could stake on. However, the 1X2 bet type still retains its primacy as the bet-type of choice for punters. The 1X2 bet doesn’t require the punter to correctly predict the scoreline of a game, all that is required is for the punter to predict the outcome of the game correctly.

Suitable sports for 1X2 bet-type

The 1X2bet type fits any type of contest in which one team faces off against another with the possibility of a tie. 1X2 which is also known as the three-way bet is unique in the sense that it can only be applied to sports in which a win or draw are possible results. Another important feature of the sports that 1X2 bet can be applied to is one in which one participating entity faces off against another.  Some of the sports that fall into this category are football, boxing, chess, rugby, futsal, handball, ice hockey, and water polo. Those sports feature all the two possible outcomes needed to model the 1X2 bet type.

Sports not suited to 1X2 bet-type

Individual sports where participants face off but with no possibility of a draw in its results like tennis, badminton, table tennis, and squash are not suited for the 1X2 bet type. Multi-participant sports like athletics, swimming, weightlifting, car racing, motorsports, cycling, and golf are also not suited for the 1X2 bet. Some team sports like volleyball, basketball, baseball, and beach volleyball don’t fit the 1X2 bet type model too. Those sports don’t have the X bet option, so they are not listed for 1X2 or three-way betting.

1X2 Kenya

The dynamics of the 1X2 bet type

The most common form of the 1X2 bet type is the format deployed for league games. Certain factors determine the allocation of odds to the three different outcomes available in the bet type. Some of the factors governing the allocation of odds to the various outcomes include recent form, position on the log, player availability, home advantage, and history. So, a home team that is in good form and placed higher on the league table than a visiting team, and having key players returning from suspension or injury would have a higher probability of winning, and as such, it would have lower odds on its allocated 1 outcome. If the match is at a neutral venue, the home advantage factor would not feature in the computation of odds for such a contest.

1X2 football

Football is one of the sports most suited to the 1X2 bet type. League format club football allows teams to face one another in a home and away league format. A home team win is marked by 1, a win for the away team is denoted by 2, and X is used to denote a draw. Inter-club competitions usually have an initial round-robin home and away segment where games can be won and drawn. A good example of this is the group stages of the UEFA Champions League. Results for this stage of the competition are reckoned using the standard 1X2 bet order. International competitions such as the World Cup and European Championships also share the round-robin feature in their preliminary phase.

However, as games move into the knockout rounds, punters would have to understand the results policies of the betting platform they are subscribed to. For inter-club competitions with the knock out rounds played over two legs, the 1X2 bet type can be applied smoothly for the first legs which are decided over a 90minutes interval. The second leg could, however, produce a result which may bring a tie in aggregate results for the round, necessitating extra time. Some betting platforms reckon the end of a game as the end of the regulation 90minutes and payout based on the results at that point while others consider the 30minutes of extra time as part of the duration of the game. A penalty shootout victory by any of the teams involved is not regarded as a winning bet for any of the 1 or 2 bet-options.

1X2 boxing

Boxing is another sport where the 1X2 bet type fits the possible outcomes of the contest. Fights are won through knockouts, technical knockouts or a majority points decision. A draw ensues when the three judges scoring a fight don’t come up with a majority win decision for either boxer. This scenario occurs when one judge scores a win for one boxer, another judge scores the fight as a win for the other boxer, and the third scores it a draw. Another scenario that yields a draw is a case in which two of the judges score the result as a draw and the third scores it as a win for any of the fighters. Since such a scenario did not produce a majority win decision, such a fight is deemed a draw.

1X2 chess

Chess is another sport where the 1X2 bet type suits the result of a match. One of the players can win a chess game and the game can end in a draw or a stalemate. A draw occurs when it appears that none of the two players can score a checkmate. Draws are codified by various rules of chess including stalemate (when the player to move is not in check but has no legal move), threefold repetition (when the same position occurs three times with the same player to move), and the fifty-move rule (when the last fifty successive moves by both players contain no capture or pawn move). The 1X2 bet type uses 1 to denote a win for the player designated 1, 2 for a win for a player designated 2, and X for a draw.

1X2 in rugby, ice hockey, and handball

Rugby, ice hockey, handball, and futsal are sports whose regulation time results could end in a draw. They are thus suited for the 1X2 bet type. As it is with football, 1 stand for the home team scoring a win, 2 for the away team or the team listed as second scoring the win, and X stands for a draw. Although, the draw result is not very common in those sports due to their high scoring nature. As such, the X option usually carries very high odds for the events it is slated in. If a draw occurs in a knockout competition, tiebreakers, usually in the form of penalty shootouts are used to separate the protagonists. It should be noted that a shootout victory is not regarded as a 1 or 2 bet success.

1X2 betting tips

The basic form of the 1X2 bet type could lure a punter to just go out and lay it all on the line without adequate information. This is a risky move as there are so many factors that could influence the outcome of a game which the punter has not taken into consideration. A good example is shown in the scenario described here. Team A in relatively good form has won the league with two games to spare and qualified for a continental cup final. They are playing Team B at home. Team B is in the hunt for qualification for a continental ticket, the odds for such a game may favour a win for Team A. A tipster may, however, consider the possibility of Team A, fielding a weakened team for such a game. The betting tip offered for such a game would reflect such a possibility.

There are tipsters who are dedicated to studying the circumstances surrounding a game and giving betting advice on such games. The tipster polls information about a game, gathering all relevant statistics and puts them to use in offering tips on the game. More advanced betting tips platforms have highly developed algorithms and programs meant to predict the outcome of games after the relevant information has been fed into it. The level of accuracy or success that can be achieved in betting using such advanced techniques is much higher than when a punter just goes in with just blind faith. Football betting tips sites also offer tips on sites that give the best odds and even enhanced odds on football games from around the world.

1X2 football predictions

Football is the most popular market offering on online betting platforms. It is also the sports most punters stake on when betting. As such, betting predictions websites focus a lot on offering football predictions to potential punters. Those football predictions sites provide predictions and tips on a large collection of football leagues from around the world. They also provide expert pre-game analysis on the games of the top European football leagues. Some of the betting predictions sites have sections dedicated to β€œ1X2 predictions today” for available matches of the day. Standard free betting tips and football predictions are also available on those football predictions sites. However, most of them offer their premium service for a fee. The premium prediction offerings are available on subscribing for a fee on a monthly basis.

Football predictions sites

There are innumerable sites offering football predictions and tips on the internet. Just as it was observed earlier, some of the sites offer free 1X2 predictions spiced with analysis. The sites also offer a vast quantum of statistics to subscribers on their platform too. One big advantage of using football predictions sites is that it helps the punter with leagues they are not familiar with. Below are some popular football predictions websites on the internet:




Finding the best tips and predictions

The dilemma faced by a punter is knowing which football predictions and tips websites give the best 1X2 tips from the many betting predictions sites proliferating on the internet. This exercise would require a bit of painstaking observation from the punter to know which sites to really trust. The punter would need to create a comparison matrix for daily 1X2 tips platforms and the accuracy of the predictions they offer. Diligently keeping track of the performance of the football predictions websites on the matrix over a couple of weeks would yield a clear pattern that would start indicating which sites give the most relatively accurate predictions. Most sites offer a self-appraisal of the accuracy of the tips and predictions offered on their platform by their tipsters, the punter can make use of the performance appraisal results they submit to make a decision on which tipsters to trust.


My advice to a punter is to make the best use of the free betting tips and predictions available on bet tips websites before staking on games. For those who have a bit of extra cash to spare, subscribing to the premium services of the football predictions platforms is not really a bad idea too. A punter should also keep track of the success of their bets, most especially the ones made following the tips offered by betting tips and predictions sites. The pattern of success and failure of bets would give the punter a clear indicator of how to tailor his or her bets, whether to go with a gut feeling or the guide offered by a predictions and tips platform.