Land-based casinos in Africa

Thanks to its favourable legislation and mystically attractive charm, Africa has today become a gambling paradise. Over thirty African countries offer casinos and slot machines to its citizens and to gambling interested tourists. To attract players from all over the world, many of the brick and mortar casinos in Africa also offers an online experience. Here at we give you the best guidance on how to find the best online casinos in Africa offering great bonuses to new customers. At this site, you will find detailed information on how to bet on mobile and gambling sites offering online casino for iOS and Android users. If you follow our guides you will find the best offers and enhance your chances of winning big.

But even if our focus is online casinos in Africa, we are all dedicated land-based casino players. Therefore, we would like to give you a short introduction to the best and most will known land-based casinos in Africa. Before you go to a casino, make sure to check out our beginners guide to live casino to increase your chances of winning!

Land-based casinos go online

With over forty casinos, South Africa is the leading gambling place in Africa. Other African countries that are also popular for games include Morocco, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Botswana, Namibia and Uganda and others. Given the wide range of gambling opportunities and venues, South Africa represents some of the most popular gambling hubs on the continent. Some of the best casinos in Africa are located here, including Sun City, Pilanesberg, Golden Reef City, Montecasino, Fourways, Imperial Palace, Kempton Park and others.

But all that is changing. With an ever-increasing online presence among casinos, the doors to the gambling world are open to many, many more people. Without the need to pay for expensive travels or accommodation. Instead, just pick up your mobile phone and join an online casino in your home country. And we promise you that you will even get a great bonus for signing up using a link from!

10 best casinos in Africa

It is always hard to make a list over something that is based on personal experience and feeling, but here we will give you a list of what we at thinks are some of the best land-based casinos on the African continent. Please contact us if you think there should be any other casinos on the list or if there are parts of the African continent that should be acknowledged in this list. We love both the offline and online part of the casino business and we will, of course, travel to any new locations to check them out.

South African land-based casinos

Pilanesberg – South Africa

No doubt this casino should be on the list! Located in Sun City this in one of the best casinos in South Africa which have come a long way in terms of land-based casinos in Africa. Countless of slots with the latest technology as well as table games boosting entertainment. They also have a part of the casino for non-smokers which is not very common in South Africa.

Golden Reef – South Africa

Being one of the oldest casinos in the whole of Africa, Golden Reef is still a highly entertaining place. In party city of Johannesburg, the Golden Reef is a high-class casino with all features. Great atmosphere, latest games and nice and friendly service. The tradition of history combined with the latest entertainment there is no more entertaining place to be in J-burg. Of course, you get state of the art gambling equipment and latest slot games.

The Montecasino – South Africa

The Montecasino is themed as an old Italian village and they have really created that fantastic Italian atmosphere, reminding of acient times. The main feature of Montecasino is the slots. Thousands of slot machines await you when you enter the casino. Of course, you also have the normal board games like Blackjack and Roulette. Regular tournaments in poker offer opportunities for both high rollers and new poker players with low stakes. The Montecasino is really a place for the whole family. There are movie shows, playgrounds and a lot more fun for the kids.

Emerald Casino – South Africa

Emerald Casino is an oasis of green surroundings. A place for both relaxation and entertainment. You have a beautiful garden, big gardens where you can walk around and contemplate. But of course Emerald also offers full excitement in the casino! With some 700 casino games, all gamblers get their fix at the casino. The variety is huge and there is something for all gambling types. Regardless if you like betting, slots or table games Emerald have something for you.

Land-based casinos in the rest of Africa.

South Africa has a long tradition of land-based casinos and games in general. But despite the fact that South Africa offers many casinos on the continent, there are also many good casinos in other African countries.

La Mamounia – Morocco

La Mamounia is a globally respected casino located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains in Marrakech. This is one of the most charming places we have ever been and it is simple to love the beauty of Morocco. This is a pure luxury and the feeling of exclusiveness is found everywhere at La Mamounia.

Gaborone – Botswana

Amazing Botswana is offering one of the most fun casino experiences on the African continent. At Gaborone casino, you get all your gambling nerves settled and there is something to do everywhere. In the middle of the southern part of Africa Botswana and Gaborone offers entertainment to a lot of travellers coming to the region. Being part of the Sun International Group, which owns a portfolio of nearly 30 hotels and 12 casinos, the Gaborone is a luxury hotel. Combining modernity with colonial style the design is fantastic!

Pyramid – Uganda

The Pyramid Casino Escape, created for the ancient gods of Egypt is one of the most exciting places in Africa. A great casino combined with wonderful food caters for fun days when visiting. A large selection of board games is one of the casino’s main features. Therefore, regardless if you love Poker, Blackjack, Craps or Baccarat you will find something that pleases you. Pyramid has always put the players first and therefore, this is some of the best gambling you get in Africa.

Golden Key – Kenya

If you are looking for something really cool, the Golding Key is the place to start! Amazing food, great hospitality and beautiful surroundings boost the already great casino experience. Golden Key offers good games for all players, regardless if you are a high-roller or a newbie. They also give regular shows, so make sure something exciting is happening before you visit.

Swakopmund – Namibia

Swakopmund hosts one of the best casinos in Namibia. Located at the Skeleton Coast this is a nice place for anyone looking for fun. The seafood is simply amazing and apart from the casino you can hit the gym, and have a nice walk in the gardens. There is also a big arcade hall where you can play traditional arcade games.

Federal Palace Hotel and Casino – Nigeria

The Federal Palace Hotel and Casino is located in Lagos. Located on Victoria Island is a great casino, and close to the business area, you will find the perfect combination of business and entertainment. With over 150 rooms, the hotel has a modern and international casino experience. Consequently, you get a high standard of breakfast, an outdoor pool, housekeeping and a shopping centre. The casino offers the latest games and over 120 slot machines where you can drink and play all night.


Land-based casinos summary

As you see there is a lot of land-based casino action in Africa. South Africa still has the most well-known land-based casinos, but more and more African countries have adopted the fun and entertaining part of casinos, both land-based and online.

At an online casino, you can always get more games and various game modes. Today you can even enter the online live casino to really increase the experience. But it is something special with a real, land-based casino. Go there with some friends, dress up nicely and have some cash in your pocket – then you will have the ultimate casino experience.